What is the Best Mobile App for Text Messaging and Voice Calling? Pinger Text-Free. Why?

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There are many mobile apps choices. Why do I use Pinger Text-Free app?
  1. Unlimited free text messaging to anyone in U.S continent -- I live in US, looking for an iPhone app that allows me to send unlimited text messaging to my wife who uses Blackberry.
  2. Whether sending or receiving text messaging, I do not need to know whether the other side is using iPhone (so through Apple free iOS-iOS channel), Android or blackberry.  Without a double, I have the piece of mind that it does not cost me to send or receive text messaging.
  3. Cut off the Text Messaging plan offered by ATT. I terminated the monthly AT&T txt messaging plan.  In fact, because ATT forgot after my call. I received $25 credit in my last month ATT phone bill.  My iPhone is still able to receive emergency and administrative messages from only ATT.
  4. Free voice call anyone in U.S. continent, mobile or landline -- my parents live in a city with a different area code.  I registered in Pinger app using their zip code and selected a Pinger phone number in their area.  They can now use their landline phone to call my Pinger text-free app for free because of the same area code.  The mobile reception in their area is always below par.
  5. The voice call is high quality
  6. Pinger Text-Free app comes with free voice mail with a customizable greeting feature.
  7. To minimize my primary iPhone number to receive unsolicited phone calls. I would provide Pinger phone number for non-critical/business contacts.
  8. Tips about fun and easy ways to earn free Pinger Text-Free voice minutes. Tapjoy seems to offer better offers during weekends.  I already earn +1000 minutes easily 

Since I use US Pinger TextFree app in my iPhone, 
  • no longer need to keep track how many text messaging sent or received each month
  • save $10 ATT monthly bill
  • receive no spam message and much less spam voice call to my ATT phone number
  • relatives can reach me easily using their home phone to my Pinger phone number
  • better than whatsapp, completely worry-free and capable to call any friend who has a US phone number, mobile or landline, AT&T/Verizon/Sprint, without using peak hour minutes.  Pinger app uses 3G data plan or WiFi when available. (Regarding 3G data bandwidth usage,  I am experimenting Onavo Extend app, will share with my findings a month later.)
Now, are you ready to try out Pinger Text-Free app for your iPhone/iPod/iPad to increase your productivity and lower your ATT monthly phone bill?  The app looks as good as in iPad, if not better.

Pinger is invested by Kleiner Perkins which invested in Google and Facebook.  Pinger will offer better phone app experience in future.  Stay Tuned.

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