Part 1: Pay AT&T less: How to send free unlimited text messaging?

Beautiful Life

Everytime I look at my AT&T monthly bill invoice, I understand something more. It is like a mystery book, written in a different language, even though it is written in English.  I see small charges $1 here and there with subject which confuses me even more.  I own multiple mobile phones with AT&T service, U-Verse, and a home landline.

I have been a fan of Pinger iPhone application which allows me to send and receive text messaging for free.  I used the older version app for the last six months and finally disabled the text messaging plan .  (I will share more in "Part 2: Pay AT&T less" later). 

Pinger has quietly released the new and free iPhone/iPod phone application.  So far, very good experience

The app can be downloaded via Pinger App in iTunes App Store

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