Free VOIP service: US and Canada

If you have an iPod/iPad/iPhone and want to call friends and family in US and Canada for free, please read on.

I have been looking for an affordable VOIP solution for home use.  I have an iPhone, and want to save the peak minutes for urgent use.  I am a fan of google voice, which is setup in my laptop, very handy for calling conference meeting for work purpose at home.  However, google voice call may no longer be free starting 2013.
OBi device has been my top choice. With this news, I don't want to invest in the device and soon find it useless.

Pinger text-free call-free offers one solution.  With the latest app release, call to anywhere in US and also Canada is now free.  I already have an iPhone, iPad and a WiFi connection at home, so it does not cost me more.

Earning the call minutes is simple.  In three months, I racked up +2000 voice minutes in my iPhone Pinger app, and +1000 voice minutes in my iPad Pinger app.  (The Pinger iPad app has not been updated for sometimes.  The iPhone app can run on iPad without problem)

I also heard that an Android offering of US and Canada phone is in the Pinger pipeline and coming soon!

Next step, research how to call international phone calls for free or the cheapest affordable for a high-quality solution

Update: Just learn today that US & Canada is supported, except Hawaii and Alaska, because calling and text messaging to there is too expensive to be offered free now.

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