How are you doing? Welcome for visiting "Green-Espirit" blogs.  My name is Patrick.  I blog to "Share my joy. Avoid my errors", lessons learned in our incessant effort to build a beautiful life.  I hope that at times you will find my blogs inspiring to build your own beautiful life, helpful to overcome daunting challenges, or even echoing yours.  Saving money and enjoying smart travel is a small part of a recipe of happiness, we believe.  Positively impacting people's life would be our honor.  

Would you join us for this adventure?

The Birth of this blog

Before getting married, I travelled for vacation about once a year, and none of the trips were luxurious, as there was little finance room after paying rent or, later, mortgage payment.  Luxury or frequent travel was a wish.  However, my perspective started to adjust after married.  My wife Isa loves traveling.  Our honeymoon in the Mediterranean Cruise impressed me, numbed my sense of vacation cost.  I was encouraged for more.  Yet, existing financial obligations were already burdensome, how would we be able to, without worrying?

That day came.  I still remember that day clearly.  I had a casual chat and joked with a friend about "free travel" wish.  His response was "do you know about travel credit card sign-up bonuses?"  "Never" was my response.  I had excellent (+800) FICO score.  Let me put my "800" FICO score into good use.  The result has been fun and educational.  In the past, my cash rebate averaged about $500 a year from annual spending via credit cards.  But a vacation expense exceeds $500 easily.  That is the start of our vacation currency.

Affordable travel is a small part of our life.  Working out relationship's kinks is the big piece of it.  I will blog about our laughter and tears.

Becoming "Mr. OK" to vacation

Both our international and domestic travel expenses have now been lowered by at least 60%, saving thousands of dollars.  I have had the confidence and secure "husband's pride" to offer my wife where she wants to go next.  And I have been able to help a few friends and families save big in their vacations.  Watching them smile makes us smile.  Watching their lips shaping into big "O" when I mentioned how to earn sign-up bonuses for travel makes us laugh even harder.

The good times of these bonus points availability are expected NOT TO last forever.  

But good memories do! If you are new to travel credit card sign-up bonus magic, just read "Would free travel be your hobby?" on my blog site home page.

Please feel free to drop me any comments.  

Have an awesome day.

Best Regards,
Pisa (Patrick + Isa)

The picture is the box cover of my all-time favorite computer game SimCity 4, which has not been played since 2005.  Instead of wasting hours to earn millions of virtual dollar as a popular city major in the game, I am perfectly happy now to tease my mind to earn miles and points.  My appetite for smart and big travel grows.

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