Earn 41 Pinger free voice minutes via Tapjoy: Onavo Extend app

Beside the 41 Pinger voice minutes bonus, does Onavo Extend app really save my iPhone of data bandwidth use?  If the savings is true as Onavo claims, that would be the real surprise. I will drop the 3GB monthly AT&T data plan to 2GB, or even 200MB ones. The iTunes Store ratings collectively are +4 star.

Note: The savings mechanism will not apply when the device is using WiFi, as WiFi bandwidth is unlimited and free.

In Pinger - Tapjoy screen, you have to scroll to the bottom to locate the free-41 minutes offer.  It can expire anytime; there must be a quota for download.  Earn free 41 Pinger voice minutes while trying a cool app.  (I usually download app when I am working on my laptop, i.e. effortless to wait)

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