How to Earn Tapjoy Pinger Text-Free Call Minutes (step-by-step instructions)

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Update: 11/28/2013, this Tapjoy feature is no longer available to any Tapjoy partners

Are you about to download a free iPhone, iPod or iPad game from iTunes Store?

How about earning some free Pinger voice minutes without paying a penny and simply trying out selected app(s) from iTunes Store?

If you do not know what Pinger Phone app is, it is available from iTunes Store for iPhone/iPod/iPad, or via this link Pinger Phone.  Pinger Phone offers,

  • unlimited free text messaging to anyone in U.S.
  • a real free US phone number
  • Via 3G or WiFi, voice-call to anyone in U.S., provided that there are minutes available in your Pinger "voice-bank" account.
It is not difficult at all.  I have been posting "Pinger tips" in my blog section "Pinger Talk", with focus on voice minutes.
  1. After you enter "More ways to earn minutes" in the Pinger app.
  2. The page actually is managed by Tapjoy, not Pinger.  It showcases a list of ads which offers free voice minutes for participation and sometimes payment.
  3. Locate the Tapjoy account ad, and click confirmation link in your email to earn +20 minutes first.
  4. Locate "Pinger free 1 minutes". That should be the first one on the list.
  5. Click on this ad. Earn 1 minute. (This ad does not show up daily)
  6. Click "Continue"
  7. It then opens up a page in the Safari browser in your iPhone/iPod/iPad device, listing selected mobile apps for download.
  8. Click on "Pinger" app. A new page is opened.
  9. Select any mobile app in the list to earn free Pinger voice minutes. (Do not remove this page, next time you can go to the Safari browser directly, click refresh button.)
  10. Install the games you like and earn some free minutes.


  1. I have Pinger, i love it! Especially when u hot hard times and need phone! My only complaint is, the minutes system is kind of annoying. I mean, it takes at least 5 minutes to download the app, which only gives you about 2 minutes. I would literallyhave to sir there for 2 hours, downloading app after app, just to get 20 minutes. Makes no sense to me.. Is there a way to make it so we can get more minutes for downloading all these apps? I mean a fair trade would be nice.

  2. Very good question. I talked to my friend at Pinger. There is no easy way to earn lots of minutes. However, if you know how to get to "Earn Minutes" Page, there are times good free promotion with 20 minutes. Your time is worth more than sitting for 2 hours. And if you have not done so, get the free 60 minutes app,