Part 3: AT&T gave out $25 credit

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In my earlier post Pay AT&T less: disable text messaging plan, I have been expecting my iPhone not receiving any non-administrative text messaging.  This week, I received two text messaging to my native AT&T phone number.  After ruling out that it was simply a hiccup on the AT&T side, I contacted AT&T customer care.  Within five minutes, the customer care representative offered a $25 credit. (See Below)

My experience with AT&T is that their work is not thorough.  When customer care said my text messaging plan will be terminated, it later did not happen. Similar scenario happened to my home AT&T U-Verse rebates.  Because of this mess, my home AT&T U-Verse is still $19.99 per month after 2 years.  Make sure you ask the customer support to track your phone discussion in your account record. When you call AT&T again next time, there is the proof.

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