How to Earn Free Pinger TextFree App Voice Minutes Faster

Update: (11/25/2013) Tapjoy has discontinued this offer. I will share as soon as I identify any new easy offer.

Pinger Textfree iPhone/iPad/iPod app offers a free U.S. phone number, unlimited text messaging and Pinger-network voice call.  (Search for "Pinger" in iTunes App Store)

I can use Pinger app to call anyone in U.S. for free, regardless the recipient is using landline phone or mobile, AT&T/T-mobile/Verizon, without using my AT&T mobile peak minutes.  Pinger offers 10 or 20 free trial minutes after you install the app. That would not be enough.

How to earn more free voice minutes easily?
  1. Click on the minutes icon in the lower left hand corner of the dial pad screen
  2. Click on "More ways to earn minutes"
  3. Click to join tapjoy for free 32 minutes.
  4. Every day the first time you enter into this screen, there is a 1 free minute offer from Pinger. Click on it to earn 1 minute
  5. The Tapjoy screen displays a list of apps.  Each install of those app earns free Pinger voice minutes.  Some apps are free, some are not.
This is better than installing those apps from iTunes Store directly.

* I have earned over free 2000 minutes already. See Pinger Text-Free Call Minutes ~3000

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