5 Easy Ways to Earn Free United Miles or to Extend United Miles Expiration Date

but I did not qualify to earn this 616 United miles later
A few United Airlines partners would deposit free United miles into your United mileagePlus account after you fill out their online surveys.  250/300/400/500/600 free United miles can be added up quite nicely as a start, if you are new to United MileagePlus program, or to fill the extra needed miles for an international coach-class flight ticket due to United award devaluation since February 2014.   Smaller surveys give fewer miles (50, 60) but takes less time (5-10 minutes versus 20-30 minutes) to complete.  These smaller and easy offers provide an excellent way to add miles to your United MileagePlus account instantly, and thus extend the miles expiration date by another 18 months.  Recall that we just need to add one United mile to extend expiration date another 18 months.

The following is my evaluation of MyPoints, e-Miles, Opinion Miles Club, e-Rewards, and United MileagePlus Dining program, with my ratings about their long-term (LT) and short-term (ST) usefulness value.

500 free United Miles from MyPoints (ST = positive, LT = negative)

The first fixed 500 free United Miles is easy to earn without spending a penny.  I am still waiting for the next fixed 750 United miles rewarded for the first purchase within the first 30 days of MyPoints account activation.  However,  MyPoints deposits earned points from purchase after 30 days, and can devaluate their award redemption to United miles conversion anytime.  It is also extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get hold of a live MyPoints customer support.  I'd prefer earning cash back or Chase Ultimate Reward points quickly without hassle than going through MyPoints portal first.

250/400 free United Miles from e-Miles (ST = positive, LT = positive)

For new e-Miles member, it is easy to earn 250 or 400 (via this special URL) free United miles.  After that, each e-Miles survey gives about only 5 to 10 miles, and allows reward redemption in increment of 500 e-Miles miles.  Each e-Miles earning opportunity comes about twice a week.

A couple times in recent month, there are some good e-miles promotion.  For example, Hertz offers 200 e-miles (United miles) for free membership.

300/600 free United Miles from Opinion Miles Club (ST = positive, LT = positive)

Offer is 600 United miles if you hold Chase United MileagePlus Explorer card or United premier member, otherwise 300 United miles for the first completed survey.  The challenge is about how to be qualified for the surveys.  Clicking "Start the Survey" does not necessarily qualify for the survey.  I was not qualified for many of these.  Nevertheless, the smaller 60-miles surveys seem to be qualified much more easily.  Each Opinion Miles Club opportunity comes about once a week.

The best part of Opinion Miles Club is it deposits your earned United miles deposited within 15 minutes into your United membership account.  So, it can extend your United miles expiration date immediately by another 18 months.

250 free United Miles from e-Rewards (ST = positive, LT = negative)

Complete a survey within the first 30 days will collect 250 free United miles.   Note only "survey" qualifies, not "quick survey" or "Earn Now" type for the 250 United miles  Each completed survey will earn a few e-Rewards dollars.  If you are not qualified for the survey, you will earn a few cents.  $25 e-Rewards dollars is minimum requirement to redeem 500 United miles award.

I was not qualified for the last 5 surveys, and ignored new survey invites for the last two weeks.  This week, I tried one last time and completed two surveys quickly easily.

1000 free United Miles from United MileagePlus Dining program (ST = positive, LT = positive)

For new United MileagePlus member, dining in participating restaurants within the first 30 days earn 1000 or 1500 (via the special URL) free United miles easily.  The sign-up bonus is available only one per member.  I believe United would offer 3000 free United miles around September-December timeframe.  If you can wait till then to sign-up, it may be worth it.  For existing member, dine and earn United miles would be easy also.

Miles earned from completing surveys is excellent to extend United miles expiration date, but probably too few to be enough (80,000 United miles) for a one-way United partner Business-class or United First-class flight ticket.

Are you ready to earn several hundred free United miles as a start?

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