Opinion Miles Club: 300 or 600 Bonus United Miles without your Credit Card

Not sure if Opinion Miles Club is a new or old player, somehow I received an email from them to join, with the incentive of 300 to 600 bonus United miles.  I wanted to find out how easy to earn these bonus United miles, and whether it is repeatable.  I registered with my United miles membership number, spent 30 minutes to fill in my profile  (I thought I was already answering the survey, because the question list was long), only to find out my profile does not meet their survey targets.

I decided not to ponder on this not-so-good business practice of Opinion Miles Club, and to explore MyPoints instead.  A couple days passed, then an email arrived.

2 minutes for 77 bonus United miles.  Sure.  Started survey, and probably answered 10 questions.  Then I learned 300 bonus United miles have immediately been deposited into my United miles account.

Opinion Miles Club also offers Isa 600 bonus United miles to take their survey, but it would take minimum 30 minutes.  That is too much time.  I prefer 2 minutes to earn 77 United miles.

What Has Happened

Opinion Miles Club reward the first completed survey with 300 or 600 bonus United miles.  Instead of 77 miles earned, it automatically triggered 300 United miles.  There is no 30-days time frame restriction either.  So, Isa should wait for those quick 2 minutes survey, which would bring her 600 United miles.  Unlike MyPoints, bonus United miles are automatically and immediately deposited into your United membership account.

My take is that unless you have lots of free time and do not mind to answer at least 30 minutes of survey questions, maybe it is more simple to wait-and-see for better Opinion Miles Club offer.

Update March 11, 2014

My hypothesis is correct.  Any first completed survey will earn you 300 or 600 United Miles. Wait for an invite to complete a short survey.  For example, Isa received an email invite to spend 10 minutes to fill out a survey.

Luckily, qualified and completed.

600 United miles were deposited instantly into her United membership account.

Once you are qualified for a short survey, do not ruin the easy miles earning opportunity by quickly completing the survey robotically 10 or 20 minutes of your time for 600 United Miles is worthy to be spent.

Survey checks
Good luck!

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