MyPoints United Miles Conversion Devaluation

A few weeks earlier, I shared about 1500 bonus United Miles from MyPoints.  A few days ago, MyPoints devaluated its MyPoints conversion to United Miles without any warning.   The reward redemption ratio is now 2.44:1 (6100 points to 2500 United miles compared to 5700 points to 2500 United miles) It is certainly not a good news to us.  There is a minimum 30-day waiting periods for each purchase via MyPoints to be deposited into your account.  It may become a rat race; MyPoints can change their point redemption rule anytime, so we can be always behind to redeem.

However, it should be safe to earn the fixed initial United Miles bonus from MyPoints.  After earning the fixed United miles, probably not worth to earn MyPoints. 

With this exclusive offer, earn up to 1,500 award miles when you join MyPoints, shop online and tell us about yourself. Earn 500 award miles when you join MyPoints today, and 750 more award miles if you make your first purchase within the first 30 days of membership. You can also earn an additional 250 award miles if you complete your MyPoints profile in the first 30 days. Keep shopping and earn an unlimited amount of additional miles.1

Available to US residents only.

Update: March 12, 2014

500 bonus United miles, instead of 750 bonus United miles are received.  I do not plan to follow up with MyPoints, already feeling lucky to receive 500 United miles.  So MyPoints does honor 500 bonus United miles upon account activation and profile completion.  Next to wait is whether additional 750 bonus miles will be deposited also.

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