How to Get redbox Promo Code to Watch Free Movie

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Do you like renting movies DVD or Blu-ray from redbox?  We watch redbox movies about twice a month.

redbox sends out free DVD movie rental promo code/credit to random unique member account.  It seems random because we have 4 email accounts (personal and business) subscribed to redbox email alerts and only one of the email accounts would receive promo code each time.  It seems that a redbox member account is unique if its both credit card and email address are unique.  A promo code would come in the following format:

rebox movie rental promo code
You may ask why spend extra efforts to save $1.50.  A monthly movie subscription from Netflx or redbox would cost less than $20.  We tried that and it was a great idea for us.  Our determining factor is not the fee; our challenge is that we love to watch movie, yet kind of worry easily spending much of time watching movies.  I'd prefer to go out during the weekend or read a book to learn something.  This redbox email alert helps us to control our movie-watching time.  I'd decide to drive to a neighborhood Safeway store to rent a redbox Blu-ray movie only when a promo code arrives and there is a good movie available.

Once in while, redbox would email out promo code to all its member accounts.  Just last weekend, I received four promo codes and still rented only 1 movie - "Thor: The Dark World"*.

The second of the four promo codes received last weekend

* Regarding the movie, great CGI, humorous, plot has a lack of logic.  Our take: try to watch without asking too many questions.

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