Cheap Hawaii Honolulu Car Rental $200 for 7 days from Budget - maybe Today Only

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Hmm..  this is puzzling.  Today I had a whim to re-check car rental price for our 7-days Hawaii vacation in late spring this year (finally we are going using the Hilton promotion).  In October 2013, I made a car rental reservation for a compact-size car for $270 including tax and fee.  Either due to a software glitch or special unannounced promotion, Budget auto rental probably today only has a special price available via without the need of bidding for car rental in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Our new rental reservation for a full-size car is $209 including tax and fee.  I tried to place a bid of $13 / day, $5 lower than the non-bid price as a test.  Priceline recommends $35 per day instead, saying the bid price is too low.  I think the recommended bid price is some sort of average of rental prices.

If you plan to vacation at Honolulu later this year, this car rental promotion may be of interest to you.  There is no penalty to cancel non-bid car rental reservation in Priceline.

* When I shared this reservation change with our group dinner that day, Isa laughed wholeheartedly. She was curious about how much time I spent.  My response with a big smile: 15 minutes to find this deal and re-book the car rental appointment, 30 minutes to think and write about how to share this information in my blog, $60 savings for me.  And $60 x N where N is number of readers who take advantage of this deal.  Time well spent.

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