Get Invited to Hilton Grand Vacation Promotion - Free Nights Stay at Las Vegas almost

Late March of last year, Isa and I brought my parents to tour Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  Participation in the Hilton Grand Vacation promotion made the Las Vegas Stay almost free. We paid $278 for a 2-BR suite two nights stay at Hilton Grand Vacation Suites at Las Vegas Strip, and received a $200 Hilton voucher back.  The package would cost about $1,078 before tax and fees during December 2014, when my parents-in-law from Taiwan will arrive.  It is my turn to show Isa's parents hospitality.

December 2014 Las Vegas Hilton Hotels rate

December is a peak-time for Las Vegas.  Las Vegas Bellagio hotel rooms are already sold out for the month of December 2014.  I used remaining Hilton HHonors points to redeem two king bedrooms for two nights at the Hilton Grand Vacation Suites at Las Vegas Strip again, saves around $1200 ($279x2x2 + tax + fee).  There may be some inconvenience because we will stay at two different units instead of one suite; I do not have 400,000 Hilton HHonors points to redeem one 2-BR suite.  I believe my parents-in-law will enjoy the stay.  Three days at Las Vegas would be enough for us since we do not play casinos.

The following would be one way to be invited into the Hilton Grand Vacation Promotion.  Remember you are not required to participate in Hilton Grand Vacation (HGV) TimeShare Club after the promotion.

Step 1. Because HGV's objective is to sign you into their timeshare program, your interest and household income matters.  US citizenship is required.  There certainly seems to be a minimum income qualification; I gave $100K annual gross household (Isa's + my) income.  I do not recollect they checked our W2.

Step 2.  Create a Hilton HHonors account and hold at least one Hilton HHonors credit card (Visa and/or AMEX). Apply for both cards in the same day to collect 100,000 Hilton HHonors points is a good start.

Step 3. Have some Hilton HHonors points in your account (such as 50,000 HH points). One night of Las Vegas at the HGV requires 35,000 HH points.

Step 4. Call HGV 1-877-245-4482 and express your interest in Hilton Grand Vacation Program which you learn from a friend (me), ask for any available promotion to participate or try out the HGV program.

I received this notice after booking December 2014 stay

Each household is eligible to participate only once.

Step 5.  If you decline to participate in HGV club after promotion, as long as they see inside you a strong interest to purchase yet with hesitation.  Another HGV offer should come.  Honestly, their offer and promotions are quite attractive that they do seem hard to pass.  I recommend you and the other half reach some sort of consensus before attending their presentation, to minimize chances of arguments.  Note that you can always ask to think about the HGV club participation after the vacation.  There is no need to rush to a long-term financial commitment right after their presentation.

If your family plan to vacation with a big family often, vacation clubs may be a good long-term option.  It is in some way like buying a property, yet not easy to sell.  Beside Hilton Grand Vacation Club, there are
Isa and I decided that we would seriously consider club membership when credit card sign-up bonuses become trivial.  For now, our response is "wait".

Finally, a common question ...

Why bother to apply more credit cards?  I already have three credit cards.
  • I asked myself these questions since I held three credit cards many years ago, and finished a mortgage finance course which recommends to hold AT LEAST 3.  I safely chose 3; I was mistaken.  The number was set because it is assumed higher liability with more credit cards.  Financial liability is the major concern for mortgage lenders.  I called Chase, American Express and Citi to lower my liability before applying for mortgage refinance.
  • Two credit card applications take at most one hour to fill in, and the minimum spending requirements for Citi Hilton and AMEX Hilton is about $2000 for four months or $500 per month.  Gasoline alone costs $180 monthly.  In terms of opportunity cost, we do not earn $1200 in one hour.  I can afford to use one hour to apply by watching one hour of TV less. :-]
  • In contrast to common sense, holding more good credit cards can improve FICO score.
  • Typically travel reward credit cards come with annual membership fee with first year waived.  Citi Hilton (not Hilton Reserve) and AMEX Hilton do not have annual fee.  So, it is fine to forget to cancel. 
If you do not mind to attend a 2-hour long presentation in return for more free hotel stays, you may consider our experience about free Two nights Stay at Venetian or Palazzo.  It was our first experience to join timeshare presentation.  Not interested to play casinos, two hours was not a problem to us.  We go to Las Vegas for great food and shows such as the O show of Cirque du Soleil.

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