Best Household Ants Killer - Terro. Our Ant Story and Battles.

Beautiful Life

Yesterday I was cleaning up our kitchen cabinet drawer, and noticed a pack that should not belong to a typical kitchen drawer, the household ant killer - Terro Liquid Ant Baits.

If you stumble upon this blog via Google Search, I assume you have been fighting with household ants like I did.  Order it from Amazon, or fetch it in store from Home Depot.  When I bought it in Home Depot store, it was the last pack left that caught my attention.  I assumed it was either about to be discontinued probably due to ineffectiveness or very popular due to high consumer demand.  It was sold for only $8, worth a try.  It was a right decision.

Buy it, place it to catch your household ant traffic attention.  Watch hundreds more ants parading for 3 days, and do not disturb the ant traffic.  I hope with this you will be able to wrap up your battle with ants.

The Daily Visits from Ants

You may wonder why I would dedicate a post to write about our household ants.  It was a daily battle with ants two years ago for many months.

Does your experience resemble any of our stages?
  1. First Few Ant "Lootings" - Coincidence maybe
  2. Frequent Ant "Lootings" - Toleration
  3. Daily Ant "Lootings" - Attrition
  4. Our Fix - Terro - hybrid of Trojan Horse and The Matrix Neo
For each occurrences during the first two phases, we simply took it as a bad day, and probably it was our fault to leave bits of food.  When there was no more food accessible to ants, and we still saw ants in the house crawling and scouting from one corner to the next, there was something apparently bigger going on.  We hoped that it was their one or twice home-moving parades with hundreds of ants due to season change, and let them finish their house chore work.  Ants were our daily home visitors.  In contrast to our expectation, our kitchen remodel did not solve the problem.

One day, they started invaded our secure storage place for food - the refrigerator.  I found lumps of dead (frozen) ants at the interior edge of the freezer compartment, and live ants crawling around the refrigerator.  I had to do something.  Sorry to say, to fix the ant problem, the root cause is the ant queen.  I tried the following products:

  • magic toxic chalk - it is true that the chalk powder is toxic.  If you draw a line on their exit, they would either circumvent or create another exit.
  • Ant killer liquid - the liquid stinks and kills score of ants instantly.  Ants are diligent and die-hard insects.  (Indeed, I admire ants.) After the liquid dries out, they walk on the same route again.
  • houses for ants - I tried various brands which claim their design and distinctive odor draws ants, and bring the toxic food back home.  A few ants came and died. I am not sure if any ants made it home.

Finally, three bait stations from Terro gave us the peace of mind.  There were parades of hundreds of ants for 3 days visiting the bait pool.  Our daily visitor stops coming since then.

My brother had the household ant problem.  They called Terro magic.

My parents' home had the same problem.  I gave them two bait stations.  Their ant problem have disappeared before they deploy the stations.

I put Terro package in our garage storage room, hoping not to use it again.

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