Hilton Grand Vacations Suites on the Las Vegas Strip Review

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Inside of the two-bedroom HGV suite
We stayed at the 37th floor of Hilton Grand Vacations Suites near Las Vegas Strip for three days and two nights, because of the promotional offer from Hilton Grand Vacation one year ago.  I paid about $250 for this two-bedroom suite two-nights stay.  I was personally impressed with the quietness and neatness of this Hilton Grand Vacation Suite unit -- both inside the unit and hotel, when compared with the Grandview Hotel where we stayed last year.  The parking lot is guarded 24x7 by a security guard, with self-parking fee of $8 per day.  The master bedroom is furnished with a jacucci tub and its own restroom.  The other bedroom shares a full-size bathroom with the living room.

Master bedroom suite
The Unit

We utilized the kitchen to cook our breakfast, and the washer-dryer unit to clean our dirty clothes from the last two days tour in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.  The kitchen was fully furnished with oven, dishwasher and cooking wares such as cooking pots, dishes and plates and detergent.  The unit was spacious for four of us.  Early in the morning, Isa and my mom practiced Tai-Chi in the living room, welcomed by the warmth of the morning sun.  HGV provides hotel-like services and amenities to its residence such as room service, daily clean-up, cafe downstairs, gym, swimming pools and spa.  The place is clean and secure.  A best part about this particular HGV is that a CVS store is located to the right of the hotel entrance.

Is Hilton Grand Vacation a choice for Las Vegas Lodging?

Living room
Hilton Grand Vacations Suites, particularly the newly renovated Elara which is located in the vicinity of Bellagio hotel neighborhood, would be an excellent option for affordable family lodging at LasVegas.  The Hilton HHonor points required for each night stay is manageable if booked well advanced.  The suite where we stayed was not within walking distance of central Las Vegas Strip.  If one stays at this HGV and intends to visit Bellagio or Venetian hotel to watch for example, O Show, one must drive.  In contrast, Elara is within walking distance of those popular Las Vegas sight-seeing places.  Isa and I will visit Las Vegas again, because next time, it will be my parents-in-laws turn to visit.    Answer: Elara Hilton

Hilton Grand Vacation Suite Choices

Elara Hilton Grand Vacation
Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas - O Show
I gladly dipped into the savings from hotel stay to purchase O Show tickets.  We sat seven rows away from the stage. A+ performance rating from Isa, A rating from me.

Hilton Grand Vacation Club Membership (HGVC) --- a free 7-days Hawaii Hotel Stay?

We attended a 1-hour HGVC presentation, watched a 30-mins video about HGVC.  Originally we made up our mind to bail out the discussion as soon as 2-hour period ends, because our financial situation has changed since this HGVC Las Vegas promotion was accepted a year ago.  (Two weeks ago, we used most of our savings to buy a small residence unit in Taiwan to help my parents-in-law resolving both short-term and long-term rental issue, and willingly to treat it as our investment.)   Our hour-long discussion summary is the following:

1st Offering Package
  • Annual 7000 Hilton Grand Vacation Club points (different than Hilton HHonors points) would be good for 1-week 2-bedroom suite at any Hilton Grand Vacation Suite worldwide for both peak and non-peak time.
  • 7000 HGV points requires USD $33K purchase and $800 annual maintenance fee
"Too expensive. They immediately changed to a lower one."

2nd Offering Package
  • 4500 HGVC points every other year, good for 1-week 1-bedroom suite
  • USD $20K purchase and $600 annual maintenance fee. 
"Still expensive, only interested in $100 monthly payment and low down payment"

3rd Offering Package
  • Annual 1600 HGVC points, good for 1-week 1-bedroom studio non-peak time
  • USD $9K purchase and $400 annual maintenance fee (including insurance).
  • Pay $300 downpayment, $120 monthly payment for 10 years, interest rate 11%
"Too little HGVC points"

4th Offering Package
  • Same as the 3rd Offering Package.
  • Add 8000 HGVC points as on-site sign-up incentive
  • Unused points can be rolled over to next year with $49 and without cap.
  • Waive first-year maintenance fee.

"Need to think about it".  We have not closed the mortgage process of the Taiwan home bought one-week earlier.  The financial uncomfortableness to commit a third mortgage asked me to go.  So, we courteously said "need more time."

Incentive to Re-consider
Just when we were about to go, and to receive my 15K HH points and $200 Hilton credit.  The Hilton representative came back to present a 2-bedroom suite at Hawaii Honolulu during peak time for $1700, worth 7000 HGVC points, including tax, tips and parking for the next 18-months, for us to experience the Hilton Grand Vacation Club system.

I promised Isa to bring her to Hawaii, so accepted this deal.  We plan to invite our friends to come along and split the cost.  If we decide to join the HGVC program, Hilton will credit $1700 to the downpayment.  That would be a free 7-days Hawaii Hilton Hotel Stay.  What a marketing incentive!  In order to get the best package, one has to keep saying no courteously.  Their bottom line is reached when they said  this is the best they could offer.  We are offered a 18-month period to consider joining the Hilton Grand Vacation Club program with the Hawaii hotel credit applied.  The bigger question is: if we participate in the HGVC program, it may limit our future vacation options.  I have 18-months to conduct some research.

Have you joined the Hilton Grand Vacation purchase plan?  If you do, what are your Pros and Cons?

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