Free Nights Stay at Las Vegas Venetian / Palazzo Resort-Hotel from GrandView Presentation

In my first trip to Las Vegas, I stayed at Trump Hotel and Marriott Hotel with my wife.  When walking inside Venetian Hotel, we noticed a booth that says "GrandView Hotel Promotion".  There was a elder salesperson who approached us and asked us questions.
  • Are you Green-Card Holders or U.S. citizens?
  • Is at least one of you working and have a salary?
  • Are you two partners/companions? (relationship is required. Sibling relationship is not eligible for the promotion offer)
Our responses were yes to all of the above, then we were informed that the next stays at Venetian or Palazzo Hotel for two weekend nights would be free, as long as we would book the next stay at Las Vegas within the next 6 months, and attend a GrandView Presentation with no purchase required.  However, hotel fee about $275 had to be paid upfront first, and be re-imbursed after simply attending the presentation.  I read the agreement carefully. The offer sounded attractive.  We had never attended a timeshare presentation in the past.  This might be a time to try.  I signed the contract, charged $275 to my credit card.  I admitted that there were indeed some doubts lingering in my head.
Our Master King Suite Bedroom

Three months later, we went back to Las Vegas again and selected to stay at Palazzo Hotel.  There was a required $20 per night for charged by the hotel.  The stay at Palazzo Hotel was well worth it.  The room was cozy, comfortable and quiet. Bathroom was nicely decorated with many amenities.  The room was not as big as the one we stayed at Trump, but more luxurious and within walking distance to Las Vegas Strip, nearby sight-seeing places.

Venetian Hotel is adjacent to Palazzo Hotel.  We had brunch in Bouchon at Venetian Hotel, Venezia Tower.

Next "door", Inside Venetian Hotel
Next day, we attended the total 3-hour GrandView timeshare presentation and its consultant discussion group, both of which were mandatory to receive the hotel reimbursement.  At the end, we declined to participate in the timeshare program, even though GrandView consultant cut the price (systematically) three times to $1900 with $20K down payment.  We knew that was the lowest price they would offer. Nevertheless, timeshare is not in our financial plan right now.  At the end of the discussion, there was a final meeting with another consultant who re-imbursed us the $275 by credit card credit.  This free-stay promotion was not a scam.

About attending timeshare resort presentation
I do not own any timeshare units, so I do not have much to share about timeshare preferences.  Timeshare sounds like a great idea if family travel and stay outside often.  I would like to share about preparation to attend this presentation.

My experience actually did not go very smoothly that day.  Isa and I had opposite ground regarding the participation in the timeshare program.  I held my ground firmly, as I did not like to make $20K decision with location and time-constraint.  I admitted that the deal seemed very attractive. It was not easy to pull off at that time.
  1. Expect the salesperson keep talking to you courteously why you are not interested, and bringing the participation price down.  The salesperson have several option plans ready.  Therefore, whether you plan to join timeshare or not, do not agree to the first installment plan right away. Listen to all options first.
  2. What puzzles me is that why the salesperson claimed that the offer would be valid only as long as before we left the building.  If the offer was so beneficial to the buyer, can I return home, think about it for one day before making an $20K downpayment investment.
  3. Exchanging your timeshare with another timeshare owner of a different location is common. Unlike a regular house, it would not be easy to sell your ownership.  Timeshare properties are mostly for your entertainment, not for rental income.
  4. One of our best friends owns a business and needs to attend business fairs at Las Vegas multiple times a year. It makes sense for them to own a timeshare property at Las Vegas.
  5. If you have a big family who like to travel often and stay outside, and do not mind to squeeze into one single unit, timeshare may save cost.

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