First time Riding Horse to Celebrate Happy Horse Year - Hee Haw !

Beautiful Life

We started with expectation last week that the last Saturday would not have good weather, so we would not be able to celebrate our be-lated wedding anniversary by meeting the nature.  California was receiving some comfort from the much-needed rain during this California worst drought in 100 years.  Our reaction, like many Californians, was mostly cheers when we saw raining on Thursday and Friday.  In the morning of February 1st (last Saturday), our lackluster late-morning spirit was met by the window-penetrating sun light.

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life" 
-- Charles Dederich

We kept to our new routine to run two miles in the neighborhood.  Then, I called to cancel a special dinner reservation at San Francisco.  Let's not eat for the sake of anniversary celebration.  How about doing something differently this time?  Horse riding?  I never rode a horse in the past.  When Isa asked "are you serious?", her disbelief put an approval seal on our horse-riding plan.

Where to ride horse?  What is a good price?
I have no idea what a reasonable price is.  My hunch will guide me with a little indulgence today, and no old-horse walking preferably.  Earlier I was reading about Saratoga, California to learn about excellent hiking places.  Garrod Farms of Saratoga, $45 per person for one hour horse-riding sounds great.  "Make haste. Make haste", the sun may not wait for us today.  Hee Haw !  After simple home-made brunch, we arrived at Garrod Farms in Saratoga hill about 1 pm.

Beginning class at Garrod Farms ?
Haha.  There is no such class.  I am six-feet tall, so they gave me a big horse "Carson" to ride on.  My nervousness started, as my eyes were raised to see about 9 feet tall sitting on a "mustang" after a few verbal instructions about  how to signal the horse to stop, to move forward, to turn left and right.  Is it this simple?

Isa was ready

After about 15 minutes of balancing myself, I started riding comfortably with Isa teasing me, as this was her second horse-riding.  After another 30 minutes, we started trotting and flying.  The rest is simply fun.

Beautiful Saturday weather with Friday and Sunday raining

Fun riding

* (9 days later) After that Saturday, San Francisco Bay Area has been raining for the next 9 days.  Thank God for the sunny Saturday weather of February 1st.

We wrapped up the day with an one-hour traditional Thai massage treat at Shivaga Saratoga.  (I made sure they are real Thai people.  Isa's shoulder have been hurting in the last several months due to working with computers for long hours.)  New customer promotion with tax and tips totaled about $140 for two. 

Our Couple Room

Is the experience worth $90 for two?
Yes.  The experience is entertaining.  We skipped dinner that day, for some reasons, not hungry at all.   A concern about horse riding is not the $90.  If the rider can have dizziness easily or trouble body balancing, horse riding would not be recommended.  Riding on a 1000-pound horse and swinging left and right, sometimes front and back, with only the soft horse rein to hold on, walking on a 6-feet wide hillside trail was a little unnerving at the beginning.  I admire those folks who can ride horse without saddle.

At the end of the day, Isa commented she realized how much we can use the French Laundry dinner money to indulge us.  Dear, the dinner was a reward for our good teamwork in 2013.  Today, we spent $250 to improve our health and celebrate our wedding anniversary.

"Today is the first time of our future horse ridings"  

Do you like Hee Haw?  

Happy Horse Year to you.

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