Pinger Voice-Talk Free-Minutes Bank

There are many promotions these days.  For example, 1000 sign-up United MileagePlus miles through United.  1000 miles is equivalent to $10, requires a valid credit card, a phone number with text messaging capability and filling out registration.  If hourly wage is $20, then should spend no more than 30 minutes to sign-up.

There are other easier-to-earn $10-equivalent item and fun.  For example, I like to accumulate free Pinger voice minutes.  Give myself 10 minutes most and browse through the ads daily.  Some ads deal are interesting and easy to earn.

For example, it costs $10 to purchase 400 voice minutes, but $2.99 to purchase a software and earn 328 minutes.  I don't have to use the software at all.

And if you are interested in healthy recipe book, I signed up. Only name and email addresses are required.

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