Costco Executive Membership & American Express Credit Card

If you shop at Costco often and particularly spend more than $2500 annually at Costco or about $210 per month, the Costco Executive Membership would be worth the extra $55.  However, if you own a business with proof of Business identification (business license, resale certificate, or three pieces of business ID)", then Costco Wholesale Business Membership card would fit your need more.

Costco Executive Membership gives you additional 2% on most purchases made at Costco, in additional to the regular 1% cash rebate from the regular Costco Membership (see the left photo).  The AMEX credit card membership is free if you already have a Costco membership.  Recall each Costco fee covers two membership cards, therefore two different households can share one membership with two different credit card numbers.  For example, my wife and I live in the same household but have different AMEX credit card numbers.

The annual total cash back reward (3% on gasoline, 2% on restaurants and travel, 1% on all others) is mailed out on February, and expires on end of August.  The 2% Reward certificate is mailed with the Executive Member's annual renewal notice.

Not all restaurant or business accept American Express, for example, my favorite restaurant and optometrist.   I would then use my Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa credit card which gives 2% rebate for restaurant expenses always.  Chase Freedom Visa or Citi Dividend Visa offers 5% cash rebate on rotational categories.  However, I am sure I will forget to opt into the right category when the time has come.

See American Express website for more detail.

The TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express is only available to you if you have a paid Costco Membership in your name. You must maintain your Costco Membership to redeem the Reward. We may cancel your Card Account and participation in this program if you do not maintain your Costco Membership.

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