Tis the Season to Send Flowers TWICE. Free FTD $40 gift card from Masterpass

Beautiful Life

Before Thanksgiving time,  I ordered flowers from FTD to give Isa a surprise.  She walked to company post office, expecting a package from her client, as she usually would pick up.  She was surprised.

Auntie FTD.com left me with a $25 FTD gift card from MasterPass, which fueled my second surprise attack.  Yesterday, she was curious why her company receptionist kept calling her while she was in a meeting.  Isa was surprised this time.

Mission Flowers accomplished!

FTD promo links:

If time permits and price does matter to you, FTD.com seems to offer various prices via different links.  (See screenshots below.  The left page was redirected from 25% discount link, whereas the right page was taken at FTD.com)

The $40 FTD gift card from MasterPass means you will have to order from FTD a second time.  You can order a $40.00 item, apply FTD gift card, and pay $16.99 + tax.   (Unless you have FTD Gold Membership $39.99 a year, there is a $16.99 shipping & service fees which can not be paid by FTD gift card. FTD.com does not applying various gift card promo codes also, only one at a time.)

Try not to miss the flower-gift seasons if affordable, whether via FTD.com or give one in-person.  (Safeway offers $10 roses which I also bought).  I told Isa honestly that I will deliver the flowers in-person from now on.  Sending flowers via FTD.com service is not inexpensive to us.  She concurred.

The good memory and her smiles last with photo proofs!

(Still coughing ... feeling better today).

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