Blocking Cell Phone Radiation - Pong, Gold or Binchotan?

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There have been disputes whether cell phone radiation (non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation) can harm human body.  Per FTC,
  • A phone's specific absorption rate (SAR) reveals the maximum amount of radiation the human body absorbs from the phone while it's transmitting.
Several years ago, I paid $5 for a tiny sticky label (made in Japan) which claimed to magically block or absorb cell phone radiation, but was in doubt about its effectiveness.  Cell phone signals are much stronger now, 3G, 4G.  I become curious again about what is available on the market.  It would be a nice Christmas gift for Isa.

Some SAR news

Cell phone radiation scams warning and guidelines from FTC (verbatim from FTC).   I was not aware of the red one.  Good to know.

To limit your exposure to cell phone electromagnetic emissions, the FTC suggests that you:
  • Increase the distance between your phone and your head by using a hands-free device, like an earpiece that is wired to the phone, or using the speakerphone feature.
  • Wait for a good signal. When you have a weak signal, your phone works harder, emitting more radiation. Phones also give off more radiation when transmitting than when receiving, so tilt the phone away from your head when you're talking, and bring it back to your ear when you're listening. has (too) extensive guidelines.  Two are worth to be considered.
  • Try not to use your cell phone in elevators, cars, trains or planes. Cell phones draw more power, and emit more radiation, in enclosed metal spaces. (Bummer, I always use cellphone inside car ...)
  • Strive to keep your bedroom as free of electronic radiation as possible.(Bummer .. no more cell phone charging in bedroom)
Does it mean SAR below 1.6 is safe?  The number is like the 65 mph speed limit imposed on US freeway driving.  I would re-phrase 1.6 as maximum allowable.  Certainly, the lower the number, the better.

Anti Cell phone Rad products

Gold-plate EMF super-protection. There is no description or theories about why the product works.  Is it because Gold is a good IR blocker?

Wavesheilds. Several posts claim that Waveshield technology is approved by FCC.  Googling failed returning any findings of reliable source or backing of such claim.

Not Scam
Pong Phone Case. Pong Research case is the only product that passed FCC tests.  Pong case redirects cell-phone radiation away from our ear.  Several posts (12) and PR back up Pong's active participant with FCC about SAR.  The product is not a popular item because of its inexpensive price ($50-$90) and its easy-to-crack nature.

Looks like there is no good commercially available product now.  I am going to adjust my cell phone usage habits.

However, the findings above led me to recall Binchotan (aka White Charcoal).

What is Special about Binchotan?

I first learned about binchotan in a demo in Taiwan visit two years ago.  Another visitor has put some of the demos in YouTube (1, 2).  Only four countries in the world manufacture binchotan: US, Taiwan, Japan, China.  One Japan vendor has a good summary of its binchotan benefits.  I was impressed by the demos which demonstrated binchotan has very low electric conductivity (gold has high conductivity), fire-proof, filters water well, blocks electromagnetic wave, re-usable and environmental friendly.  A large pack in Taiwan is sold for USD $120.  My mother-in-law received a large pack from a Japanese friend long time ago and left unused.  We brought it to US.  I put a binchotan rod in front of our every home monitor, TV and my work monitor.  It is not the prettiest looking item, but great peace of mind.

About 8 years ago, I purchased a eSpring water filter from a friend, because of its certificate which showcases a long list of impurities the filter system can remove at the nano-level, but not understanding why the water filter system would cost $600.  A close-look at the water filter description matches binchotan. 

Binchotain is best known for its excellence in water filtering, wash-able and re-usable.  Google "Binchotan water filter", you will find many testimonies and how-to setup.  Binchotan are available from Amazon  (I have not purchased from these re-seller.)
On the other hand, there is a variety of bamboo charcoal products available from Amazon, which claims to have the same benefits of binchotan.  I just spent $10 from the earlier bonus Amazon credit balance to order one to try it out as a air purifier.
If you are a heavy cell phone user without earpiece, and have had experience headache right after call, it may be a good time to change cell phone usage habit.

Stay healthy.

(I did my best to understand scientific explanations shared in this post as my college education in chemical engineering helps.)

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