Love - the first and major ingredient in a Beautiful Life

Beautiful Life

Last Saturday, Isa and I attended a Taiwanese Christmas Gospel Concert "Love Changes Everything".  (All money raised go to charities)  We found out about the concert late, so paid $50 for two remaining tickets at the rear seats.  The main singer was one of Isa's favorites.  I accompanied Isa with low expectation for the low price ($50) we paid.  Although sometimes songs were sung in Taiwanese which I do not understand, the performance was outstanding, setting up my expectation higher after each singer on-stage performance.  Finally, after various singers and groups performance, a five-feet tall Taiwanese lady walked onto the stage center.  As Isa's favorites, she sang several of her popular hip-hop songs professionally with her smiles.  She looked such a joyful person.  It seemed like the concert was soon to end with this high note.  Then, a long pause after her final song caught my full attention, as I was battling with coughing all night.

The climax of the concert slowly came.  It is not from her songs; it is from her testimony.

Her Sharing
She was born in an indigenous Taiwanese family.  Her father passed away in a work-related accident when she was 10.  Her mother passed away from over-drinking when she was 11, leaving her with two siblings.  (Isa said aboriginal Taiwanese is known to have over-drinking issue in their culture).  Being too old to not forget her deceased parents, a teenage girl desiring parental attention, and under-privileged Taiwanese aborigine, she lived through a parent-less teenage with freedom, absence of admonishment and criticism.  She felt purpose-less to live, just dragging on day by day.  One evening, she heard a consistent voice to urge her to simply step out for freedom.  At the same time, her childhood memory with parents going to church came back.  The sudden feeling of warmth woke her up.  She found herself sitting on the edge of a window of a 3-story tall building.

Next she made a prayer which she had not done in 6 years. "If I am not supposed to die now, please help me to change my current situation."

Next day, She and her siblings was visited by a Taiwan Christian orphanage, and invited to join the orphanage.  She has received love and encouragement in her years in the orphanage, and learned to live strong.  That is why she participated in the concert this time to share a message about love and hope.  Isa said she won the first place in the first music talent competition in Taiwan.  She has been living a beautiful life.

The "Love" concept of this concert is about giving and sharing love to people we may not know, yet in need.

This concert has shed light in Isa and me in many ways.  For a while, I know I do not write blogs to share simply promotions and good deals, so to "preach" about affordable vacation travel to families.  I would like to write something time-less, to help us and anyone to build beautiful life.  During this particular chilling December of 2013 in US, I am often reminded about the need of warmth, what I have volunteered in the past, what I have experienced.  Isa and I have nailed down a few action items for 2014.  I will continue to share news about great savings and promotions.  Will add an ingredient of warmth whenever I can and appropriate.

Stay warm.  (I have been coughing ...)

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