Save a Tree in 5 mins

Brazil deforestation.
Photographer: Rodrigo Baleia/Greenpeace

It does not happen in Brazil Amazon only.  When you travel to beautiful Seattle, drive pass Oregon, you will notice mountains look shaved here and there.

How? Stop Junk mails.

Contribute your next 5 minutes to ...

Stop receiving junk mails if you do not need them.  (letters, postcards, catalogs, ..etc)

Are you interested to do more?

Enroll in receiving electronic statements instead of paper statements of
  • e-billing mobile phone, home phone, DSL/cable internet, utility
  • e-billing auto insurance, home insurance
  • e-billing credit cards
  • bank, investment account, trade, news, annual report
Receiving electronic copy saves much of my time to read them or shred them.  I have cut the use of paper shredder to once a month.  Storing electronic statements in computer is not recommended.  If an electronic copy wants to be saved for fast access, setup a gmail account with Google authenticator feature (see my previous article), email to yourself a electronic copy.

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