$10 Reward from AT&T for Enrolling in Paperless Billing

I rarely visited AT&T website to check my account activity because the website is not easy to use, especially when my iPhone uses AT&T mobile service, my home phone plan is AT&T residential phone plan, and my home internet connection is U-Verse. AT&T  have not successfully merged the three services yet. It is interesting I have to sign in with three different usernames in order to view my subscribed services in detail.

Put my "complaints" aside, I spent sometime looking into upgrading to iPhone 5 with good data plan pricing. At least at this point, my current family phone plan is really really good, which costs $50 for 2 mobile phone lines, $25 for 2GB data plan, $0 for text messaging, before 25% corporate discount. There is no need on my part to hurry up the upgrade. I am willing to wait. While figuring out how to navigate to the internal AT&T sites, I discovered accidentally an URL to link to AT&T current offer of $10 for enrollment in paperless billing for each account. I enrolled all three accounts.

  1. To look for the link, log into the AT&T  website with your username and password
  2. In the upper right hand corner Search field, enter "paperless billing", click enter
  3. Multiple search results display. Select the one that says $10
A little help for the environment. A little help to my wallet.

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