How to lower the risks of email account hacked? Migrate emails to gmail account, then add Google Authenticator App

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Wall Street Journal reports that 95% of Yahoo voice account passwords are stolen.

Recently I have seen friends' hotmail and yahoo mail accounts hacked.  50% of Yahoo mail testing team have been laid off.  In light of that, despite being a 15-years Yahoo Mail user, I have been moving relevant emails from my yahoo mail account to gmail account.  I also have been using Google Authenticator app during the last year. It gives me the peace of mind.

Step 1: Migrate all emails from Yahoo mail or hotmail account to gmail account
  • Install free email-client Thunderbird, available for Mac and Windows (PC) computers 
  • Add yahoo mail or hotmail account
  • Select "IMAP" and "do not delete" options.
  • Download all emails to your desktop/laptop computer.  (This may take several hours, depending on how large your mailbox is.  Mine took 8 hours. I let the transfer to run from noon till evening at home on a Saturday)
  • When the download is done, drag and drop all folders into your gmail account

Step 2: Setup free Google Authenticator app
  • Follow step by step
  • It takes patience and effort to follow step by step.  That also means it is not easy to break in return.

The key is that a hacker needs to be able to generate the random code, in addition to your password, in order to log into your gmail account.  In other words, even if the password is lost, it is very difficult for the hacker to guess your code correctly.

For Google Android devices:

From Apple iPhone/iPad: (it seems that Google stops providing updates to the iOS version, in a move to differentiate iPhone and Android device offerings)

Unless the hacker steals and unlock your mobile device to gain access to the Google Authenticator app, the gmail account is safe.

How to migrate Google Authenticator because my phone is upgraded?
The easiest way is to visit Google Authenticator Admin page, click on "Move to a different phone" and follow instructions there.

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