Easy Steps to Save Water

CNN: mid-western county in US, 2012

Have you read the news from CNN today that half of US county in disaster zones.  Some of us, who live in US yet far away from mid-western counties, for example, San Francisco Bay Area may feel indifferent because there is no water ration and things seem to be going well.  If water is in shortage, we just pay more

Developed countries are not immune from water crisis.  US in fact experience drought at least for some years already.  This year the drought is much more pronounced. Drought also affects oil production.

Water, like wood, is real asset.  It is valued by money nominally. However, when everyone needs it, there is just simply inflation.  Countries can print more moneys and issue more IOUs.

How to save water?
If we save water in our area, we will be benefited by it instantly.  Looking around where I live and how I live, I start practicing the following:

  1. Install a water-conserving dishwasher, use it only when it is loaded with dirty plates.  It is more water-saving than the summation of washing an individual dish manually.
  2. Before putting a dirty plate into dish water, use a paper towel to remove food remnants and oil.  Water and oil do not mix with each other.  (I learn this from watching how restaurant cleans large quantity of dirty plates)
  3. If you prefer washing dishes by hand, set up one pool of warm water with addition of detergent, see proof of bubbles, turn off the water faucet, wash each plate slowly, then rinse off each plate in another pool of clean water.
  4. Minimize the number of plates used in a meal. (This is my favorite. My wife improves her habit now).
  5. Invest in water-wise plants for your garden. See waterwise plants.pdf or Water-WisePlants
  6. Santa Clara Water Valley district even offers free conservation devices.

If you want to feel that we are lucky to have water, watch the "water" section of "Human Planet" DVD (click on the link).  For US $19.99, one can witness a team spending years to document how nature is integrated into our life.  It is educational and amazing.

I live in a 2-story house. My utility bill is only $50 per month. But my water bill is 2 times, mainly because of the large front-yard.  If not my HOA requires real-grass everywhere, I would plant fake grass but real-tree until our water situation improves.

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