Our 2014 Miles Summary and 2015 More-than-Miles Resolutions

In 2014, Isa and I managed to earn 697,500 miles/points (more than half-a-million points) and 4 weekend worldwide Hilton nights from card sign-up bonuses for our future travel uses.
  • 105K Ultimate Reward points (b), (d)
  • 30K AMEX Membership Reward points (b), (e)
  • 160K IHG points (h)
  • 100K United Airlines miles (f), (g)
  • 100K Hilton HHonors points (b), (h)
  • 100K American Airlines AAdvantage miles (a)
  • 40K US Airways Dividend miles (d)
  • 2.5K SPG points (c)
  • 60K Barclay Arrival points (a), (e)
  • 4 weekend worldwide Hilton nights (h)
An estimate applying conversion of 1:300 for Hilton and IHG, 1:100 for others, and $120 per Hilton hotel night yields a minimum value of  $5705 ($1050 + $300 + $500 + $1000 + $350 + $1000 + $400 + $25 + $600 + $480).  This estimate is minimum, because using miles to redeem a Business/First Class flight ticket one way worth $3500+ is an option, and one weekend night stay at Hilton Waldorf Astoria or Conrad hotel easily worth $250+.  $6000 savings from travel a year is a good number.  If we fly only First Class, $20,000 savings would be achievable.

Can we do more than money savings from travel ? ...

Visiting Grand Canyon Hopi Point on Xmas 2014

My 2015 Resolutions about Beautiful Life

1. Better relationship and health management

2. Learn about and focus on +$500 financial investments/savings

3. (a secret for now)

I think Isa's are about the same.  Starting 2015,  I would like to write about what I have learned in the first two resolution areas.

Have you decided yours yet?  It is a great time now, as these goals will help you to overcome difficulties and stay focused. Wish you success too.

Taken after MGM Grand Studio B Buffet

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