Almost-Free Eva Air Royal Laurel Business Class SFO-Taipei Review

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I needed to make a trip to Taiwan last week. So might as well fly via Eva 777-300ER with Eva Air Royal Laurel Business Class from San Francisco International airport (SFO).

My seat 9A next to two windows

It was my first business flight class experience, made almost free by credit card sign-up bonuses. The flight ticket was booked before United Devaluation of February 2014.  Total cost was 65,000 United miles and $52 including all taxes and fees, not +$3000 typical ticket price via either Eva Airlines website or

For those who have flied international business class before, the blog this time may not generate any excitement in you.  For those who have not, especially flied in the famed Eva Airlines Royal Laurel Business Class, this blog may help to set the right expectation.

Before boarding the flight
  • Earn a free access to Eva Air lounge with free Wi-Fi, food and drinks and sofa seat in SF airport.  Eva Airlines Lounge at Taipei airport offers free shower facility also.
  • Luggages are treated with priority handling that they will come out among the first after destination landing
  • Flight boarding with priority access, just like United or Eva Airlines priority members

On my Royal Laurel Class flight seat
  • Greeted by courteous flight attendants and pampered with Eva Air gifts for in-flight use convenience (slipper, pajama, personal hygiene set) and a small glass of wine. (I chose water for my personal health reason).
  • Gift for Eva Royal Laurel Class customer
    It was freezing cold inside the plane
    Plus a pair of socks which was already on my feet.
  • For each seat cubicle, larger LTV screen, personal headset, bottles of water are available.  You would feel ready to sleep there for 12 hours.
  • I started experimenting with my flat-bed as I am 6-ft tall.  6.5 ft would be the max for someone to sleep comfortably.  I took a red-eye flight, sleeping well was my top priority.
  • With Eva Air pajama on

    Really a flat-bed
  • Each Royal Laurel Class seat has unblocked access to the plane aisle.  In other words, going to restroom would not bother your seat neighbors or be bothered by them.


There was more food offering than one can consume.  The taste was above average, not superb, probably because I have been light on sauces in cooking.  If you eat only food low in oil or an organic-diet fanatics, I would recommend to select vegetarian meals, because typical Asian cooking is quite heavy in sauces and oil.

Dinner entree - lobster meat
Scallop and Shrimp in XO sauce, and wheat bread

Dinner short cake with fruits

Then, followed by a good eight hours of rest,

to be welcomed by a morning wake-up tea and breakfast.

Spanish omelette with mozzarella cheese inside

In between, if you can not fall asleep, there are snacks of fried noodle with mushroom or beef noodle soup.  I was totally in a mood of sleeping, because by the time I reached Taiwan, it will be 5 am in the morning for a new day.


   I used to enjoy food inside international flight, but sleeping quality in flight was more important to me this time.  Probably because I was not hungry.  Eva Air flat-bed was great; my legs was never more comfortable in my previous international coach-fare flights.  I do hope that the seat/bed can be wider.  For the same reason, it is not rated as first-class seat.  For big-size folks, these Royal Laurel Class seat may not meet their expectation, however, if they pay for the business class ticket instead of using points.  Using points is worth the experience.  It requires 80,000 United miles now to redeem a one-way Eva Air Royal Laurel Class or United Airlines First-class seat.  I would like to try United First-class seat next time.  United First-class award space is harder to be found though.

   This is my first international flight business class experience, fully redeemed with United miles, saved $3000.  Yes, thanks to credit card sign-up bonuses, there will be a second time which will be with Isa.

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