Magazine Subscription for $2 via American AAdvantage miles redemption

In anticipation of AAdvantage miles depreciation in 2015, we decided to use some AA miles to redeem for some magazine subscriptions which have interesting topics such as cooking and yoga.   As long as you have at least 300 AA miles in your account, AAdvantage offers many annual magazine subscription for $2 only and no AA miles is needed.  The more magazine you subscribe via this AAdvantage page, the more money you would save.  So I paid $4 for two annual magazine subscription, and use AAdvantage miles to redeem a third annual subscription.

What if I do not have any AAdvantage miles?

If you plan to purchase many $2 annual magazine subscription, the simplest way is to purchase 1000 AAdvantage miles for $29.50.    You can also send these magazines as gifts to your family and friends.  Multiple magazine subscription is allowed but only one copy of each magazine.  For example, you can not subscribe to two Wall Street Journal newspapers.

Steps to redeem

1. Select and subscribe to the magazine which requires the smallest number of AAdvantage miles.  For example, "Better Homes and Gardens" for 300 miles and $2.   Isa is interested in "Health" magazine for 500 miles which was our selection. Click continue to the next page.  Subscription of at least one magazine in this page is required to proceed to next page which offers annual subscription for $2 each.

2. The next page displays magazine for $2 only.  I selected "Good Housekeeping" and "Cooking Light" for $4 total including shipping and tax.  We do not want to subscribe too many, as Wall Street Journal newspaper is already subscribed/redeemed and there is only so much time in a day available for reading.  Proceed to enter your credit card information and complete the order.

I expect a notice to continue subscription for second year will come.  At that point, I will discontinue the subscription.

Magazine 1:     Good Housekeeping        12 Issues
Magazine 2:     Health                   10 Issues
Magazine 3:     Cooking Light            12 Issues

At this time your magazine order is being processed. When processing is complete, we will send you a follow up email to confirm that the transaction has completed for your subscription. Please note quantities are limited and all orders are subject to approval.

If you have questions about delivery of your subscription, please contact Cap Systems Customer Service at 1-800-961-8669.
You should receive your first issue in 6 to 12 weeks.

Your Miles for Magazines Customer Service Team

Now, wait for the order to come.

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