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I usually do not upgrade/replace a product unless the new product's benefits would clearly far outweigh the price.  For example, my $120 rice cooker can still make rice but hot rice water would bubble overflow through the vent each time and lacks a timer functionality.  As we start cooking with brown price and quinoa, the overflow issue became more serious.  The rice cooker has been used for 7 years.  We decided to purchase on Mother's Day a new one which can handle different type of rice (white, semi-brown, brown rice) and has a timer, so cooked rice will be ready by the time we arrive home from work.

1. What is a good brand for rice-cooker?

I like to try the famed Zojirushi brand. Its rice cooker offering comparison chart helps me to narrow down which models can serve our needs.

2. Are the rice-cooker made in China or Japan?

For safety and quality reason, Made-in-Japan is my preference.  Almost all online stores do not say or guarantee "Made-in-Japan".  Zojirushi responded my email about which models must be made in Japan if there is such a production plan.  The answer is there is.

Dear Patrick Wong,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Manufactured in Japan




Zojirushi America Corp.
1149 W.190th St., Suite 1000
Gardena, CA 90248
1-800-733-6270 ext 106

3. Which Made-in-Japan Zojirushi rice-cooker models does a store offer?

I prefer to purchase one in-store for easy replacement convenience, unless on-line store's price is at least $20 cheaper.  I checked several store-branches of two large Chinese supermarket chains (99 Ranch and Marina Food Markets).  Different store-branches sell from $180 to $235, for NS-ZCC 18 which is the highest Zojirushi model available in the chain.  Amazon offers the best online price to sell NS-ZCC at $180, beats Macys, Sears and Target which sell the model near $240.  There was no Mother's Day discount on this rice-cooker.  We purchased one at Fremont Marina Food Markets, total $179.99 + tax $16.20, and earned $25 worth of food credit (offer only available from that branch only), with 7-days limit for full-refund.

The NS-ZCC 18 model is egg-shaped.

4. Are the rice-cooker instructions easy to follow?

Yes, the detail instructions are written in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese and simple to follow.  I set a timer and cooked my first batch of brown-rice. The cooked brown-rice is cooked just perfect with no rice water flood anywhere.

5. Are there other good Zojirushi rice cooker models?

I was interested in Zojirushi model NP-HBC18 ($250 + tax) in the beginning, but I could not find it in store and Isa did not feel comfortable to spend $50 more for pretty much the same as NS-ZCC18.

We will try to make sushi rice from this new Zojirushi rice-cooker.

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