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As far as I know, at least American Express and Bank of American would include my FICO score in one page of the stack of papers I received via post mail whenever I applied for new credit cards issued by these two companies. (I think Citi also, but not sure).  Knowing recent credit score maximizes chances to apply the right credit card, because some credit cards require good credit score.  Getting a free credit report is cumbersome.   Free tools from has been very helpful.  Now comes extra free help from Barclaycard.   Barclay announces all Barclay card holders can check FICO score for free, or more precisely the TransUnion version of FICO score, since there are three FICO scores from TransUnion (which Barclay partners), Equifax and Experian.

I finally tried it out in my Barclay card account.  I had the following questions ...

1. How accurate is the Barclay FICO score compared to the "real" FICO score?
Good to have another reference.  American Express (which uses Equifax or Experian) reports Isa's FICO is 710 as of April 27, 2014.  Barclay FICO shows 720 as of March 4, 2014.

My Barclay FICO shows 787 as of May 1, 2014, and CreditKarma shows 755 as of May 10, 2014.

Yup, still have excellent credit scores, as long as all mortgage, utility and credit card payment on-time.

2. Does checking Barclay FICO hurt credit rating?
Barclay's FICO tool agreement page says "accessing your FICO Score through this program will not affect your credit rating.

3. Are there no-annual-fee Barclay credit card with good rewards, so I can keep for long-term?
Yes, see Barclay card product offering page.  I recommend Barclaycard® Arrival™ World MasterCard - No Annual Fee or Upromise with my $100 sign-in bonus link.  

4. How to enroll Barclay FICO tool in my Barclay card account?
Words from the horse mouth, Barclay blog,
To enroll for your FICO® Score, view the Account Summary page and click on the Tools and Education link. You will be prompted to view some information about the complimentary program and then click the “Accept” button. It’s that simple.

5. I am new to Barclay cards.  What do I think about Barclay (from internet reading)?

  • They are as careful/conservative in credit card handling as American Express.
  • Barclay seems to be interested to play a bigger role in credit card offerings, as it now offers Upromise, Hawaii Airlines and Barclay Arrival MasterCards.
  • Rumor says unlike other banks, Barclay would periodically offer bonus points for existing card holder to encourage card usage.  I plan to hold my Barclay Arrival card for one year.
  • Barclay does not like card churning, and may not approve new card applications if the card applicant has a history of not using Barclay card after the minimum spending requirement period.

Barclaycard® Arrival™ World MasterCard with no annual fee, 20,000 Bonus Points after $1000 spend within the first 90 days  is quite a good card to keep.

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