Maximize Discount (15%, 20% or both) Of GROUPON Beauty and Spa Deals

Beautiful Life

As I shared earlier, I had been looking for an excellent massage service at an affordable price.  We have experienced very good service at Rose Garden Massage.  It is not a luxurious place which is not an important factor to us.  The massagers applied excellent mix of pressure, preciseness and gentleness.  We both have shoulder and back pain problem, and felt very relieved after the first visit.

GROUPON sometimes offer good deals on QUALITY massage service.  Most of the homework is to identify the quality ones by reviewing the service providers' Yelp reviews.  My criteria to purchase a GROUPON/LivingSocial/Travelzoo deal is that the service/product provider must have more than five reviews with a rating of at least 80%+ if the deal price is above $15.

I typically would do the following after knowing which deal to purchase:

Step 1: In Google Search, type "GROUPON promo code 2014 retailmenot"

I found this 20% discount code for Beauty and Spa: PERKSPOTMOM20

Step 2: offers 15% cash rebate for new GROUPON user (new email address and credit card). 

Create a if you do not already have one.

Step 3: Login, type in "GROUPON", then click on the first button for new GROUPON user.

Once in, find the deal.  Using Rose Garden Massage as an example,

Note coupon expires in 90 days

The final cost would be $55.20 x 0.85 = $46.92 for a 90-min massage, saving an extra $22.08 ($69 - $46.92).  I did not purchase this one, because at the end of our first visit, we liked the massage service and were offered to purchase the 2nd visit with the same Livingsocial discount.  We made an appointment already.  I am confident that GROUPON will periodically offer 20% discount.

Mother's Day Special
Sometimes, existing customers may receive promotion special.  Using Rose Garden Massage as example, I received a Mother's Day Special via email with a promotion link.   $47 for 60-minutes massage.  I bought one first.  This coupon expires in November 1, 2014 which I prefer longer expiration date.

Thank you, GROUPON.  By the way, purchase the coupon only if you need it.  This $47 coupon is non-refundable.

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