Microsoft Phone Scam about My Windows is Infected

The next day after I called American Express to temporarily deactivate Isa's credit card,  I received an evening call to my home phone number.  Her is some background about my home phone number.

This home phone number is setup for the home alarm system.  I share the phone numbers only with my parents, Isa's parents, and home alarm company.  Usually they would call our mobile phone numbers first, and, if not responded, would call home phone numbers.  In other words, I always ignore home phone calls unless I see "missed calls" on our mobile phones, because calls are always from telemarketers.

That night, I was curious who called and picked up the call.  The caller spoke to me in a heavy Indian-accented English.  The following is our conversation.  I forget whether they called my name.


Caller 1 (a female): Sir.  We received signals and identified that your Windows computer is infected with virus.  Do you know that?

Me: Did you say my windows computer is infected?  I do not believe that.  Are you calling from Microsoft?

Caller 1: No sir, we are not from Microsoft. We are from Windows Server company.

Me: What is your Windows server company name?  (They ignore my question)

Caller 1: Sir, we can prove to you.

Me: This is hilarious.  My Windows desktop computer has been offline, literally without internet connection for at least one week.  The computer can not connect via WiFi either.  I believe you dial wrong number.  (I did not want to call her liar, just wanted to simply hang up the phone without fanfare)

Caller 1: (She begged) Sir, please please please let us prove. Your computer is infected and kept bugging our system.

Me: (I was curious.  I remember my three rules: do not give out social security number, credit card number and visit suspicious website and phone numbers).  Ok.

Caller 1: Sir, let me transfer you to our technical support.  

Caller 2 (a male): Sir, please turn on your computer and connect to internet.  I will show you step by step your computer is infected.

Me: I will turn on my computer, but would not connect it to internet.  

I turned my desktop computer and he step-by-step guided me to see some error logs in eventviewer.  I am not a computer security expert, but I am also not naive either.  My two (#1, #2) previous computer virus-infected experience taught me much.  Those errors are benign errors, can simply be verified after Googling.

Me: I do not think this is proof of virus infection. I know these are benign errors.

Caller 2: Sir, I can prove to you.  Just connect to our website.  If in the middle of connection, you do not feel comfortable, you can discontinue.

The whole point is not to connect to a suspicious website to be infected.  Virus can be downloaded by simply clicking an image or visiting a website while it unloads the virus into my computer and showng a blank page.  There is no such thing as discontinue in the middle.

Me: Good try.  I believe you are a scammer.  (Then he silently hang up the phone).


If you receive a phone call about your computer is infected with virus,  please remember:

  • Do not share your social security number or your credit card number over the phone or email.
  • Do not visit suspicious website or call a suspicious phone number which can charge you for calling.
If your computer is indeed infected, it is already too late to stop infection.  There is no difference to wait one more day; run ESET online scanner, or ask a friend to check for you first.  At least disconnect the computer from the internet connection (either landline or WiFi) to stop more damages.

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