MyPoints BonusMail Offers Deals x10 United Miles sometimes

Alert! (March 9, 2014)
Sorry for not knowing this earlier.  I come to realize MyPoints receive many customer complaints, as reported in BBB and Flytalk.  It seems very difficult to contact them via phone.  I am alerted because I sent multiple emails asking what "3.5% 5 points per dollar" means, yet each time they sent me the same scripted general response not answering my question.  I will continue to receive BonusMail for a couple more months to see how useful it is, and click to earn 5 points.

I decide not to shop through MyPoints to accumulate enough points to redeem United Miles, when there is a better reward to earn guaranteed United Miles by shopping through Chase Ultimate Reward Mall.  After another 30 days for the points to arrive, I will redeem all the points for something.

Regarding the 1,500 United MileagePlus miles for joining MyPoints, I will post when I receive them (cross my finger). 

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I shared in my previous post that MyPoints to United Miles ration is not favorable, 2:28 to 1.  However, MyPoints BonusMail sometimes has very good offers.

Purchase $50 Bath & Body Works gift card and earn 1,200 MyPoints Points which is equivalent to 526 United Miles.  That is x10 or 10% rebate!

The BonusMail promotion is targeted to some MyPoints members, but ...

My parents, Isa and I all receive different MyPoints BonusMails.   For the particular promotion above, there is an URL which does not seem to be special

Sorry, this purchase does not fulfills the $25 MyPoints spending requirement for 750 bonus United Miles for first-time MyPoints member, because any MyPoints Store gift cards do not qualify for the 750.

It may still turn out to be a useful channel to earn United miles, particularly to fill the additional United miles required for flight ticket due to United devaluation.  For example, Making purchases via MyPoints seems to be a good deal to earn United miles (indirectly).

My parents have 65,000 United miles each in their United accounts.  Additional 5000 United miles is needed now for a round-trip flight ticket between Taiwan and San Francisco, due to United devaluation.  As a hobby, I prefer to explore more miles earning opportunities rather than paying $125 for 5000 United miles.

Two Caveat

1. Your MyPoints account must have at least 6100 MyPoints in order to redeem any United miles, except the 1500 Bonus United miles for first-time sign-up.  In contrast to my belief earlier, I would NOT recommend earning MyPoints if there are other reward earning channels for the services or products that you are going to purchase.

2. MyPoints on Yelp rating is quite low (3 out of 5 stars).  The gift card above is a physical gift card, and MyPoints claims no responsibility for lost or stolen ones.  I do not like this disclaimer.  I made a $39 purchase in Groupon website via MyPoints referral link, in order to earn the 750 bonus United miles.

I spent 15 minutes to fill in the MyPoints Profile to earn one-time 250 bonus United miles

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