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•   Do you have family/friends living in UK who want to call you for free, whether you are in or outside of UK?  
•   Are you going to travel to UK for vacation or business?  
•   Are you ready to surprise your UK friends with your own UK phone number, and exchange Christmas and New Year greetings free, as if you live in UK?

My UK Pinger colleagues and I spent one year to plan, test and release this app. We verified that the mobile app works with O2 UK, Orange UK, Three UK and Vodafone UK services.  If your family and friends living in UK experience an issue in text messaging and/or voice call, email me with details, I will look into it.

I am pleased to share about free Pinger UK mobile app available in iTunes Store and Android, with free UK phone number and voicemail.  Because Pinger pays these UK phone numbers on Pinger users' behalf, Pinger can offer the UK service to Pinger users with active account status.  An account is considered active when there is any inbound/outbound voice call OR text messaging within a 30-days period.

How to get a free UK mobile app with a free UK phone number?

iTunes Store (iOS) - US, Canada residentsUK residents

Google Play (Android) - US, Canada residentsUK residents

Download the app into your iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android phones/tablets, select "United Kingdom" as the country if you download the US/Canada Pinger app.  The Pinger UK app is default to "United Kingdom".

I am an UK expat living in US or Canada, and I have friends/families living in UK, I would like to use both Pinger US and UK phone numbers.  How?

For US and Canada use, download app iOSAndroidselect "United States" or "Canada" as the country for the app.

For UK use, use app iOSAndroidselect "United Kingdom" as the country for the app.

How does the UK app work?

The Pinger UK phone number offers UK mobile phone number.  Similar to Pinger US apps (iOSAndroid), there is no annual or hidden fee with the Pinger UK phone number or the app.

The best way to earn voice calling minutes for both domestic and international call is to leverage a unlimited UK mobile plan, by making calls to Pinger UK phone number installed on your iPhone/iPod/iPad or Android phones/tablet.  Unlike US, UK landline plans do not seem to offer unlimited call plan to UK mobile phone number.

Suppose you install the Pinger UK app in your iOS or Android devices,
  • Your grandma in UK calls your Pinger UK phone number via her UK landline phone number. Both caller and receiver are free.  There is no limit.
  • Your friend in UK download Pinger UK app and use it to call or text message your Pinger UK phone number, or your Pinger US/Canada phone number (iOS)(Android). The service is free to both caller and receiver. There is no limit.
  • Your friend in UK calls or text messaging your Pinger UK phone number via their native mobile service.  The service is free to you (receiver).  Your friend may not need to pay, if they have an unlimited monthly plan.  Because your phone number is a UK phone number, your UK friends pays domestic rate, not international rate.
  • Every time your Pinger UK phone number receives a call from a non-Pinger phone number, regardless UK domestic or international, you earn voice credits to be used for placing an outbound call (both international and UK domestic).
  • The earned voice points can be made to place international calls also, for example,  Singapore, India, Philippine
  • Voice points can not be used for sending outbound text messages; voice and text messaging points are tracked separately.
  • You can send X number of UK domestic text messages after receiving X UK domestic text messages. (1:1)
  • International outbound text messaging is not supported
  • International outbound voice call is supported
  • Pinger UK mobile app comes with free voicemail service

If you need to purchase some points to top off your Pinger UK credits, it has a feature to purchase minutes.

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