A Minor Car Accident Saved Our Life

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I believe if the minor car accident did not happen in November 2013, I would not be able to share blogs since November.

     We bought our first SUV in end of October 2013, have had good times driving it.  One day in early November, to meet up with a friend for lunch, we decided to drive our smaller but faster sedan instead. At a red traffic light, our car was rear-ended.  We expected major damage.  There were only two noticeable tiny dents made on the bumper by the screws of the license plate of the larger sedan behind our car.  The larger sedan was hit by a large van behind.

A Long Wait

     I just wanted to follow the process: write down her policy number and driver's information, then leave.  It was supposed to take no more than 30 minutes, as our friend (Isa's God-mother) was waiting. Isa said we were not hurt, our car looked fine.  "Just go".  The van driver would not give us her policy number, saying she would need her husband to be here who lives nearby.  So we waited for her husband to arrive, who also would not give us their policy number either, insisting on cop involvement.  After the exchange of information among all involved party members with cop presence took another 60 minutes, we finally left the scene.

Don't Skip Routine Medical & Auto Check Up

   The auto-shop visually inspected our car damage, and offered us $800 compensation, tax-free, with no repair.  Yet, the inspector also warned about typical hidden damage.  We decided to leave our sedan for thorough inspection and repair.  It was the right decision.  The car impact absorption bar was found damaged that it would not be able to absorb rear-hit next time.

A 2nd Auto Inspection

     Earlier, some mis-communication brought me to think that I could pick my own auto inspector, so we picked our usual auto mechanics, Bob.  I remember the day Bob called me, "Hey, all four of your tires are worn out and peeling off.  You absolutely can not drive the car on freeway anymore."

Dumbfounded ...
  • I drove one hour via freeway to San Francisco Airport (before buying the SUV) last week to pick up Isa.
  • Isa had mentioned a possible need for tire replacement, but I thought we will drive SUV much often now, and the sedan tires should last a few more years with rare use.
  • The tires looked completely fine from outside.  It is the tire side facing the car interior peeling off, which I would not be able to see.
  • I just planned to drive the sedan more more often to work next week, to balance usage of the SUV and this sedan.

This Minor Car Accident is our Lucky event

     Isa and I later had a quiet time to think things over.  A chill sent over my body when realizing my stupidity to save money in postponing tire replacement.  When our car was rear-ended, we thought that day would be our most unlucky day of 2013.  In contrast, that may be our most lucky day of 2013.  We both feel grateful to be alive, for
  1. It was NOT the new SUV that was rear-ended.
  2. The accident impact did not cause long-lasting medical condition on our health.
  3. The discovery of damaged tires and timely replacement saved our lives.
I am very glad to be able to continue sharing posts.

Safe Driving.  If unfortunately your car is hit, don't skip the process.

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