50% Discount (thus $28) Promotions for Existing A&T U-verse Internet Customers 2013

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(This negotiation should work anytime of the year)

Welcome back, hope you had a wonderful thankful Thanksgiving.  we have many things to be thankful for.  In this post, I like to share about a hidden AT&T U-verse promotion for existing customer.

Early in February 2013, I had online chat with AT&T U-verse customer care to secure a 50% in U-verse 6-months promotion for existing customer.  Starting in July, the monthly charge became $46.

I waited for Black Friday / CyberMonday to negotiate with AT&T again, because there certainly will be Comcast Internet-only promotion, and hopefully all years later negotiation will always be around CyberMonday times.  As expected, there was indeed $29.99 for first 6 months Comcast internet service-only.  Although the Comcast page says "promo expires 6/30/13", I entered my home address to confirm promotion is still valid.

I am delighted to share that the call about AT&T U-verse Internet service discount is successful again.  The following is what I did and said.

  1. Called AT&T U-verse 1.800.288.2020, select options to speak to customer care to request to discontinue my AT&T U-verse service.  The customer care asked why.
  2. Courteously shared that it is Black Friday/CyberMonday or Comcast Internet-only promotion is only $29.99 for 6 months.  I have been paying $46, and have been an AT&T customers for at least 3 years including AT&T DSL, U-verse, AT&T Wireless, to convince that I have been a long-time AT&T customer.  I am not interested in TV bundles.  The chat lasted about 10 minutes.
  3. Customer care responded to refer my account to AT&T account specialist who are the ones who have the power to offer customized promotions and discounts, and terminate my AT&T accounts.
  4. Re-iterate to AT&T account specialist courteously, go through the ritual to say not interested in TV-bundle.  This time went really well, probably because AT&T confirmed my long-time AT&T customer standing.  The specialist offered 18 mbps down-stream U-Verse MAX Plus for $28 per month for next 12-months, about 3 times faster than my current 6 mbps.  I requested for 12-months, because not planning to call back 6 months later.  I also did not want to negotiate the 6 mbps package for $23, as the discussion can take time with no success.  3 times faster internet speed for +$5 per month is worth to try for us.  The chat lasted about 15 minutes.
  5. I asked the specialist to add a note about the $28 promotion to my U-verse account for easy reference later in case I need to call back in.

Savings is:
  • compared to 6 mbps U-verse: ($46 - $28) x 12 = $216 for months 1-12.
  • compared to Comcast Internet: (*$44.99 - $28) x 6 = $102 for months 7-12.
*Comcast Performance Internet is $44.99 for months 7-12, instead of $29.99

I have no billing proof at this point to share that the charge is $28.  Attached is the new U-verse order of $56 per month. You can trust me that I would not want to order a new service for higher price while there is the option to switch to Comcast internet-service only for $29.99.  I will post update once the first bill is received.  I called today. The specialist confirmed the discount will be automatically applied in the first new bill.

Good luck!

Update: (12/23/2013)

It is almost a ritual that I always have to follow up with AT&T each time after the promotion.  My U-verse bill charge was $46.  On-line Chat with AT&T Customer Care resolved the issue.

Patrick Wong: on Dec 5, I received an email. You recently accepted a 12-month promotion and we are writing to inform you of the following terms and conditions for that offer: AT&T is making this offer available to selected customers. A credit will be applied to your monthly bill for 12 months.
Eric : Let me check that for your.
Eric : I have check it Patrick, I can see that it is a billing error from AT&T side. Let me see that what I do to remove those charges. Please allow me a minute.
Patrick Wong: sure. thanks
Eric : Good news for you, I got the approval from my supervisor. I am putting the credit as it was a billing error and it will be updated and will reflect in your online account within 2 hours.
Eric : I assure you that you will not face this again as I have taken care for the same.

I did received the credit the next day.

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