50% Discount (thus $23) Promotions for Existing A&T U-verse Internet Customers; use Online Chat saves time

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Finally, my AT&T U-verse service will start charging the normal $43 per month because the $19.99 monthly promotion price will expire in fewer than 30 days.  I probably should save my time and simply switch to alternative Comcast internet cable service, because time may be better spent on other more worthy causes, and the U-verse Elite is slower than cable internet.   But, my curiosity (again) wants to test the rumors that AT&T indeed has hidden promotion for existing customers.  I wanted to test out this time.

I gave myself total 60 minutes to dig out U-verse promotion offer from AT&T representative.  A quick test application on Comcast Internet cable offering reveals, for my neighborhood,
  • Comcast offers $29.99 Internet Performance Pro in my area. (Economy Pro is not available)
  • $36.99 for one-time package, service and equipment fees
  • $34.99 for one-time installation and other fees
  • $7 per month for modem rental  (My Motorola cable modem is loaned to my parent's residential Comcast Internet service.)
I used AT&T online chat to negotiate; text typing is more convenient because it would allow me to multi-tasking, at work. The online chat would pop up in a separate browser window, and blink when there is new response.  For example, U-verse online chat link is available at here.

The online chat/texting experience was relaxing. I was reading emails, working and online texting with AT&T simultaneously without holding the phone or wearing earphones to listen to AT&T.
  1. I first text-chatted with U-verse billing department regarding any available promotion for existing AT&T customer. The AT&T representative repeatedly said "none".  Bummer. 
  2. Then, I started a new text-chat with the account department to terminate my U-verse service at end of February.  This time, my chat with AT&T representative went idle for 20 minutes because the customer support went elsewhere to research for promotions.  He came back with $24 promotional U-verse Elite for next 6 months.  I was working during those 20 minutes.
  3. The first AT&T representative said online chat service can not handle promotion application, that I have to call instead. But I think there are always exceptions.  The second representative confirmed $24 promotional price will kick off starting next month.
Ruby: but charges on this billing cycle's bill are from "Monthly Charges - Jan 27 thru Feb 26"
You: so $24 will be automatically applied for next 6 months?
Ruby: which means its a advance cahrging
You: I got it for this billing cycle
Ruby: and $24 will be effective after promo expiration 
Ruby: and in case you need to confirm about the promotions in the mid of the billing cycle that is in mid of Feb, then
Ruby: you can directly call at
Ruby: 877-999-1083

That is a savings of ($43 - $25) * 6 = $108 for 6 months.    Five months later, I will allocate 30 minutes only and call account cancellation department right-away for discounts.

Update: (1 month later)
The bill was $35. I called AT&T 877-999-1083. They had no record of the $25 U-verse promotion for existing customers.  I repeated the promotion stories. Finally, AT&T customer representative said there is a non-published promotion for existing U-verse customer: 50% off of $46 regular price, i.e. $23 monthly for 6 months without contract.  

Credit is also added to take care of the $35 charge.

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