How to fix Google Authenticator for iOS Update

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Google Authenticator for iOS has not had update for several years.  I have been using it and waiting for update, even though I do not feel any update is necessary.  It has been working well for myself.  Last night, I noticed an update.  Without any hesitation, update was triggered.  I noticed my stored profile information was gone.

As it turns out, the fix is actually quite easy.

Step #1.
Go to 2-step verification settings page

Step 2: 
Click on "iPhone". Your Google Authenticator barcode is displayed.

Step 3:

  • Go back to your updated Google Authenticator app in your iPhone.
  • Select "Scan Barcode" option
  • Scan the barcode shown in your computer screen
  • A 6-digit verification code will be shown in your iPhone Google Authenticator app

Step 4:
  • Re-enter that 6-digit code into the "Google Authenticator Setup Page"
  • Click "Verify and Save"
  • Done!

The message seems confusing.  I verified all my application-specific passwords are still valid. For example, I am able to check Gmail emails via iPhone 5.

As a backup step to make sure my Gmail account would not be locked beyond help, backup codes were printed, and a backup phone number to receive code from voice call was setup.

Hope this helps.

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