Chase Savings $175 Bonus for new account

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$175 bonus before tax.  Would not hurt to visit local Chase branch to see if they would honor without coupon code, and if you have spare $15,000 to park for 1 month.  This amounts to 1% return for one month.  Aside, we are glad to be Chase checking account customers.  The online website is easy to use and useful to keep track of Chase credit card history and spending.  Isa received this email promotion for her Chase checking account.  I do not receive this promotion for my Chase checking account, however.  The only difference I can think of between our Chase checking accounts is that I opened mine via Chase online, and she opened hers via visiting a local Chase bank office.

From the bonus information: it does not require $15,000 has to remain in the account for after one month(?).  After deposit, keep at least $300 in the account to avoid monthly service fee, and do not close the Chase Savings in 6 months.

Chase Savings Bonus $175

*Service Fee: Chase Savings℠ has no Monthly Service Fee when you do at least 
one of the following; Option #1: Keep the minimum daily balance in your account 
at or above $300; OR, Option #2: Have at least one repeating automatic transfer 
from your Chase checking account of $25 or more each month: One time transfers 
do not qualify; OR, Option #3: Have a linked Chase Premier Plus Checking℠ 
or Chase Premier Platinum Checking℠ account. Otherwise a $4 Monthly Service Fee 
will apply in most states ($5 for accounts opened in CA, FL, GA, ID, NV, OR and WA). 
We will notify you of changes to your account terms or fees. For more information, 
please see a banker or visit
Bonus/Account Information:09/03/13 through 10/13/13
To qualify for the bonus: 1) open a Chase Savings℠ account; AND 
2) deposit $15,000 or more in new money within 10 business days of account opening. 
The new money cannot be money held by Chase or its affiliates. After we receive 
your minimum $15,000 deposit, we'll deposit the bonus into your new account 
within 10 business days. For a Chase Savings℠ account, the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) 
for all balances is effective as of 08/05/13 and may change at Chase's discretion. 
The APY is 0.01% for all balances in all states. Interest rates are variable and subject to change. 
Additionally, fees may reduce earnings on the account. The bonus cannot be used as 
part of the opening deposit. You are limited to one personal savings account-related bonus 
each calendar year. The offer is not available on account conversions, or in combination 
with any other offer. The bonus is considered interest and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT. 
Account Closing: If your savings account is closed within six months, we will deduct the bonus amount at closing. 

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