How to block YouTube or Facebook websites?

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Are you looking for ways to limit yourself or someone to not to spend too much time on Facebook or YouTube, for example, 30 mins maximum each day?  If you do, this article is for you (and for myself).  Addition to and is true.  I looked for a tool that is:

  • free
  • reminds me that time is up, to leave Facebook or YouTube websites.
  • takes more than two steps to disable or re-set
The bottom line: it is alright to not able to access to Facebook or for another day. One would not lose a friend or job.  If really care about someone, call!

iPhone screen is still small. My eye would hurt if spending much time reading Facebook or YouTube via that mobile device.  The following is for browsers installed on desktop or laptop machines.

Chrome Browser
Step 1:

Step 2: 
  • type in "StayFocusd" in the search field or access this URL directly. 
  • click on the "+ Free" to add StayFocusd extensions to the browser.

Step 3:
  • access URL chrome://extensions/, click on "Options" link of StayFocusd" to customize
  • add or to the block list
  • set the maximum minutes per day

FireFox Browser

Step 1:

Step 2:
  • type in "block site". Press enter
  • click Install to install BlockSite FireFox add-on

Step 3:
  • click "Options" to customize
  • add or to the block list.  Done.

It works to my annoyance, yet a friendly reminder. After I watched youtube for 5 mins, my Chrome browser displays.

Hope this helps.

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