Theraflu Discontinued and Alternative - Vicks NyQuil Nighttime Cold & Flu Relief liquid

If you found this blog page through search, then you likely have been looking for your favorite Theraflu like I did.  This Christmas season has been particularly cold in California.  I went to skiing and caught a cold early this week.  I would like to succumb to the power of Theraflu to give me a good night coughing-free sleep, but did not find Theraflu in two drugstores  Bad news is that Theraflu has been discontinued, at least temporarily. Rumors fly around.  It is not available in store now.  Good news is that there are always alternatives.

(Health is very important.  During this Christmas season, folks around me are becoming sick, after happily skiing...)

I have been applying the following ideas this week.
  • Gargling sore throat with warm salt water; salt water kills bacteria as it sucks out the water from bacteria through osmosis process. 
  • Low-sodium chicken noodle soup. For example, Campbell soup.  (It is convenient when you are business travelling)
  • Thera-flu like generic drug for day-time. (Recommend to try the NyQuil Daytime)

  • Vicks NyQuil Nighttime Cold & Flu Relief liquid (not pill form).   Body needs a good night sleep and drinking warm water to stage a final battle with bacteria.  NyQuil did not work for me eight years ago.  Theraflu was the one which consistently "knocked" my mind down, although my mind slowly adjusted to resist its effect.  MyQuil must have improved during the last few years.  This time, it gave me a good sleep.

I purchased this at the 24-hour Safeway branch store, which houses Redbox movie rental machine. Although the rental of one blu-ray costs only $1.5 daily, I spent one minute out of curiosity to google search via my iPhone 5 4G, "Redbox coupon code", found a coupon to save $0.50.

The coupon code worked!  By the time I finished watching the movie, the drug took effect because my mind likes to "fight".

Today is my third day of cold. I am on my way to recover by tomorrow.  Hope you will be also.

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