Free Pinger Text-free 60 voice minutes US, Canada - limited time, limited quantity

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"There is not a better time to try out Pinger voice calling with families and friends"
"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year"

5-star rating of Pinger EX *
* Promotion is valid for iPhone/iPad/iPod-touch only this time

Promotion ( limited time, limited quantity): Pinger free 60 call minutes for making calls to anywhere in U.S. and Canada.  Logic: Pinger would not be able to offer free 60 call minutes to unlimited number of Pinger users. 

  1. Receiving call is unlimited
  2. Free U.S or Canada phone number; turns iPod, iPad and tablets into a free phone. (The extra phone number can serve as an alternative phone number for non-critical/business contacts such as online shopping stores)
  3. Free voice-mail service that comes with the app
  4. Unlimited text messaging in U.S and Canada.
  5. Excellent customer support team who speak English, Spanish, French, German
  6. Unlimited text messaging and voice calling with Pinger app users across the globe. (There is a lite-version of Pinger app available in non-US, Canada and Spain iTunes Store)

  • If you already have regular Pinger app installed on your device, do not uninstall it after you install Pinger EX 60.  In this way, you will be able to keep the past conversation text messaging history
  • This is a limited-time and limited-quantity offer, whichever limit is reached first.
It is time to make free calls to family and friends in U.S, or Canada, and say Merry Christmas.

What happens if 60 minutes is not enough
Take one step back.  When you call families/friends in US or Canada using the voice minutes

  • send them an invite to join Pinger network by downloading Pinger app if they use iPhone/iPad/iPod touch or Android phones. (Android tablets should be ok).
  • inform them to search for "Pinger" in iTunes Store or if outside of US and Canada. Pinger has lite-version outside of US and Canada. The lite-version does not come with free 60 minutes.  Pinger app-to-Pinger app text messaging and voice calling is unlimited.
  • save the 60 mins left-over
    • for calling land-line phone numbers
    • those who do not have smartphones
    • for making calls via Wi-Fi when there is no AT&T/Verizon/Sprint 3G/4G connections. (e.g. Lake Quinault Lodge hotel room)
    • or for calling US or Canada via Wi-Fi connection when travel abroad (I made Wi-Fi calls from Asia)

An updated Pinger app to run on Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus 4 is available, but promotion is not applicable this time.

Pinger Text-Free Android

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