Ergonomic, Wireless Mouse & Solar-powered Logitech Keyboard

I looked at my messy desktop computer with wires here and there, and wanted things a bit tidy.  At the same time, my palm and fingers may deserve a large-size computer mouse, so they can rest better to avoid carpal-tunnel.   My buying criteria are:
  1. Wireless
  2. Affordable price
  3. At least 4 star rating in Amazon Store
  4. Manufactured from a trusted brand
  5. Energy-efficient, so battery usage is long. (How about solar-powered?)
I like Logitech brand, have been using their mouse for years.  After thorough reading of the Logitech and Amazon websites. I bought the two items below to slightly enhance my computer usage comfort level. (Images from Amazon website)

Yes, solar-powered

So far, the experience is fantastic.
  • The keyboard is not intended for aggressive computer game player's use.  It is probably not sensitive enough to correspond to game player's needs. It functions well under room lighting, installs easily almost like plug-and-play. Overall, it looks great and weights light.
  • This is the first computer mouse that I do not have to move the mouse in order to move the cursor.  The mouse position is stationary.  It relies on my thumb to move the track ball to move the cursor.  Mouse pad is no longer required.  The mouse is also large enough that my palm and fingers can rest nicely to fit the curve

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