Chase Sapphire Preferred 40000 points Cash Back

Among most rewards card, Chase Sapphire Preferred Card's offers would be the most attractive, because it offers cash back and converting miles to Southwest Airline in 1:1 with no transaction fee.  I was loyal to credit card which offers cash back until a few months ago, when I started learning about reward card bonus.  Chase Sapphire Preferred is my first card.  When I signed up, there was only 40000 points bonus. Rumor is that there are 50000 and even 75000 points once a year.  Unless you are in a rush to get the cash, I strongly recommend to wait for the 75000 sign-up bonus which is equivalent to $750.  Plus each person can sign up for Chase Sapphire Preferred card with sign-up bonus once. There is no way to churn the card.

There is the spending requirement of $2500 in 3 months.  With Visa acceptance everyone including online and offline stores, spend $850 monthly on utility, insurance, food, phone/cable/DSL is easy.   If desperate, purchase a $100 Visa gift card at Safeway which comes with $6 activation fee. Or if you are a homedepot fan, purchase a HomeDepot $100 Visa gift card with no activation fee.

For those who enjoy cash back, spending $2500 first time to receive $425 is close to 20% return on investment.  A typical 3% return from Costco or other cash-back cards can not match.

Chase Sapphire with Ultimate Rewards offers 1:1 transfer to United Airline with no transaction fee.  United Airline also partners with various airlines in Star Alliance to offer global service.

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