Apply United MileagePlus Cards with 50000 bonus miles for your parents

After applying too many credit cards in last May, my applications were rejected by both Chase United Mileage credit card and Marriot 50K sign-up bonus miles credit card.  My FICO score is 760 which did not seem to help this time. It looks like Chase approves at most one Chase credit card per month.

I did not want to let the opportunity go away.  I talked my wife into giving it a try.  She was new to the concept of reward miles, with total disbelief.  After one month, her new Marriott card has 50K miles available to be redeemed after spending only $100 to pay our utility bills.

The United MileagePlus Cards with 50000 bonus miles requiring only 1 purchase is too good to be missed.  I also convinced my parents and helped them to apply for two United MileagePlus Cards.  Together, now they have 100,000 bonus miles waiting to be redeemed for Singapore airline flight tickets next year.

With minimal efforts, I have helped three relatives to save hundreds of dollars.  Isn't this great?

(We just returned from a 5-days vacation at Olympic National Forest/Park, Washington.  The experience is like surreal.  I am going to share about the travel with photos in the next blog. I took the photo of Mount Olympics. See below)

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