Mandalay Beach Resort Embassy Suites Review at Oxnard California

We redeemed two Hilton certificates from Isa's Citi Hilton Reserve card for two-night stays at Mandalay Beach at Oxnard, California, after our visit of the Universal Studios at Los Angeles.

The beach resort is a few steps from the beach

Where is Oxnard?

We visited Maui Hawaii late February and missed the snorkeling experience.  Living in Northern California with only a couple days of PTO available, we looked for affordable beach resorts in California that would look like Hawaii beach resorts, and within driving distance to S.F. Bay Area and L.A. Universal Studio.  After reviewing Tripadvisor recommendations, I booked kayak activities for Channel Island.  Oxnard is a city 45 minutes from Santa Barbara and 10 minutes from the port with ships going to Channel Island.  It was right time to redeem Hilton certificates for two nights at Embassy Suites at Oxnard, California.

We were on-time for sunset right after check-in

Why Embassy Suites at Mandalay Beach?

Embassy Suites is part of Hilton Hotel franchise.  We redeemed our Hilton certificates for a 2-suite bedroom (and 2 bathrooms!), thus saved about $650 with free breakfast and WiFi.  The beach resort is next to Mandalay beach which is near Channel Island port, and is about 45-minutes drive from Los Angeles Universal Studio.  After the weekend stays, we drove back to the SF Bay Area.

Hotel evening view from our room balcony

~$650 for two nights before tax

Our king-bed master room suite
The beach resort place holds a sense of tranquility.

Morning view from our bedroom window which has an ocean-view glimpse.

Staff are friendly and helpful.  They are ready to hand out beach towels.  Suite is large and quiet with extra sofa bed in the living room which offers a guest bathroom also.  The two-room suite can easily fit 4 adults.

Guest bath-room

Thank you, Citi Reserve Card for making our California weekend beach resort stay relaxing, affordable (free) and fun.

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