Giving to Nepal, Kids-Rescue and Anti-drug Addiction Charities is a Happy Option

There are ups and downs in our life also.  Taking vacation/break is one best way to relieve stress and improve relationship.  Isa and I are learning to count blessings, instead of thinking about what we do not have.  The exercises lead us to appreciate what we have, and be more thoughtful to those around us.  We thought about donation and made the following moves recently.  Money donation helps to meet credit card minimum spending requirement.  Watch out for charity scams.  (Use Charity Watch to check charity's administrative expenses.)

Nepal earthquakes of April 25 and May 12 of 2015

The earthquakes killed 9000 people and injured many more.  American Airlines offers bonus miles for donation to American Red Cross until May 31, 2015. (worldwide, mainly for poor Chinese, because all services are provided in Chinese)

A formerly-drug-addict-turned Christian pastor has been helping drug addicts for 30 years.  He came to our church to share his traumatic personal life experience - how he survived suicide, beaten-up by gangs and overwhelmed by drug addiction.  He started the effort and since then has opened clinics worldwide.  The clinic-campaign is called Operation Dawn.  I visited drug addict clinic once in Burma.  Working in those clinics is mind-challenging. (worldwide, for rescued kids of any racial and nationality)

I wrote about this non-profit organization earlier, hope to meet Pastor Anton Cruz again.  He gave up his status from the top caste comfortable life in India to serve the unfortunate kids. "100% donation goes to actual work!" (Jerusalem, for Palestinians)

Young and faithful Palestinian Pastor Steven Khoury gave up his comfort life in US to preach gospel to Palestinians of East Jerusalem with his family, where there is no religious freedom.  His small church gathering is constantly denied a place of worship, and church members are laid off because of Christian belief.  He strongly believes the Gospel is such a good news that he wants his Palestinian people to have a chance to receive it.  Pastor Khoury is both a fighter and a man of big heart.  Wish him safety.

Pastor Steven Khoury speaking at United Nation

We hope to be able to earn more, so we can donate more.

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