Chase United 50k Bonus Miles Card - Making A Free Pass to Business Class Flight

My parents have never flied Business Class Flights.  The tickets are too expensive.  They are not into collecting miles or points via credit card sign-up.  But Chase United card promotion has been an exception.  He received a targeted email regarding Chase United Airlines 50,000 miles promotion.

From target email

The "Learn more" button points to this link:

United 50,000 bonus miles landing page

Q1: Is this promotion targeted?

You can do a test.  Sign into your United MileagePlus account via the link above.  If you see the 50,000 Bonus Miles page, then you are eligible.  Save a screenshot of the page, in case you need to contact Chase in the future.

I checked my parents', Isa's and my United MileagePlus accounts.
  • This 50,000 bonus United miles landing page will show if your account has more than 200,000 United Airline miles without the need to receive this target email.  If your United MileagePlus account fits this category, arbitrarily search for a United flight schedule for any location,  there should be an additional $50 statement credit promotion available to you.
  • United 50,000 bonus miles + $50 statement credit
  • Target email would be needed if your United MileagePlus account has fewer than 200,000 United miles.

Q2: How to receive this targeted promotion?

My parents will fly to New York for a short vacation via paid United Airlines ticket.  My dad received an email promotion, but my mom did not.  The only difference is that my mom has more than 100k United miles in her account, whereas my Dad's has less than 100k miles.  They have never flied United Airlines.

Q3: How to meet the $2000 minimum spending requirement?

Are you insurance bills about to be due?  My parents' are.  Or check out my blog about how to meet minimum spending requirement.

Q4: How to accumulate more than 200,000 United miles?

I earned 100,000 United Airlines miles (12) from Fidelity United 50,000 bonus miles promotion, 50,000 miles from United 50,000 miles promotion of two-years ago, 45,000 miles transferred from Chase Sapphire Preferred, and the rest from spending in the bonus categories.

If all go as planned, then my parents should be able to use their United miles to redeem two Eva Airlines Business Class tickets to Taiwan in 2016, and two coach-class fares on the return trip.  I believe they will be quite excited, as I had a great experience about Eva Airlines Business Class.

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